Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Strictly Observed Each Others Boundaries

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“Professor Mu, any other instructions from you?” Yan Rusheng remained indifferent and his outstretched hand was already holding the mouse. “If there is nothing else, I’m ending the call.”

“Hold on.” Mu Li commanded him in an unquestionable tone. “To make sure that both of you will be sleeping in the same room, I’ve decided to leave this video call active. Move your laptop to your bedroom now.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

She would be monitoring them? Why did Aunt Mu Li have to take such drastic measures?

Yan Rusheng frowned, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Your dad was just discharged from the hospital. Do you want him to get admitted again?” Mu Li had an ugly expression on her face right now.

Unexpectedly, Yan Rusheng became frustrated as well. “How do we sleep with the video call on?”

Mu Li deliberated for a while and agreed silently as well. She decided to forgo that idea and instead came up with something else instead.

“Then give Xuxu a kiss in front of me right now. That will be sufficient to satisfy me.”

She raised her cup to take a sip of water while she stared intently and patiently at Xuxu and Yan Rusheng.

“If you’re not afraid of developing a sty in your eyes, then do as you deem fit.” Yan Rusheng gnashed his teeth with determination as he glared fiercely at his mother.

He turned to face Xuxu and he cupped her tiny face with both hands. The next second, he swooped towards her swiftly.

What happened?

Xuxu widened her eyes in shock and was momentarily paralyzed.

This fellow was being serious! And he really kissed her in front of his mother!

After overcoming her shock, she began to push him away, hitting him wildly on his chest.

But Yan Rusheng had used a hand to press her down forcefully and she was totally helpless against him.

Upon witnessing this intimate and passionate behavior between her son and his wife, Mu Li began to blush. “Oh dear. This son of mine is really shameless.”

After chiding her son, she ended the video call promptly.

Yan Rusheng immediately relinquished his grip on Xuxu when the call ended.

His action was too abrupt and thorough, and Xuxu’s body felt empty in an instant. Her heart felt like it was being emptied as well.

‘Since you don’t want kids, I won’t touch you in future.’

He had vowed that he would never touch her again.

In reality, this was what she had wanted, wasn’t it?

Now they had set up boundaries between them, and both have strictly observed their respective boundaries.

Xuxu lowered her head, walked past him and left the room.

However, the consequences of the scandal with Charles had a far more significant impact than she could imagine.

On the next day, after lunch, she received a call from the authorities in Haicheng city. She was told to make a trip there to discuss the relocation of the orphanage. They were starting to hunt for investors and they needed to settle this matter soon.

She had completely forgotten about the orphanage during the busy period.

After hanging up, Xuxu informed her assistant and hastily left for Haicheng city in her car.

When she reached her destination, a young man wearing a suit came forward to greet her. He bowed and said, ‘Mrs. Yan, you’re here. District Head Jia has instructed me to receive you.”

“Thank you,” Xuxu replied politely and followed him up the stairs.

She didn’t know whether this sudden relocation matter had anything to do with the rumors about her strained relationship with Yan Rusheng.

Previously, the authorities in Haicheng city were always very polite and patient with her. They had promised that they would wait for the other areas to confirm about their relocation first before they discuss with her regarding Tiny Stars Orphanage’s relocation. It had only been less than a month and they were getting restless.

Humans were all realistic in general. There was indeed a vast difference between having a powerful backer and having none.