Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 390

Chapter 390 Not Within Flourish Prospers Considerations

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“Mrs. Yan, this way please.” The young man led the way and knocked on the District Head’s office door. He bowed slightly once more and gestured her towards the door.

Xuxu smiled at him and thought to herself,“At least their intentions weren’t so obvious.”

“Alright, my guest is here and I have to hang up.”

A middle-aged man, who was obviously balding, was sitting on a desk that was located by the windows. He still had his grip on his phone when Xuxu entered the room. He greeted her and promptly ended the call.

He rose and smiled graciously at Xuxu.

“Mrs. Yan, you’re here. Please take a seat.” He turned to glance at the young man standing by the door. “Xiao Zhang, brew some tea.”

Xuxu waved her hands to reject him. “District Head Jia, there is no need to make such a fuss.”

After briefly exchanging pleasantries, they walked to a vintage-looking black couch and sat down.

Xuxu had taken some time off from work and she had left abruptly earlier on. Hence, she didn’t beat around the bush as time was rather tight for her. “District Head Jia, previously I thought that the investors would only come in next year?”

He seemed rather awkward and explained. “That’s true but I’ve received orders from my superiors that this relocation matter had to be settled first.”

Xuxu could tell that he was indeed in a difficult position.

Orders from his superiors

That should be the city government.

Who could it be? Who was the person trying to put pressure on her, more so, creating hurdles by taking advantage of her current strained relationship with Yan Rusheng.

But she didn’t have time to guess the identity of the culprit at the moment. The most important thing was to settle Tiny Stars Orphanage’s relocation.

After briefly deliberating, she smiled at District Head Jia. “This news came too abruptly and I have no time to prepare for it at all.”

Although she knew that the orders had come from his superiors and it had nothing to do with him, she wanted to attempt finding a way to resolve this problem.

It was already winter and if the kids had to relocate as soon as possible, it would be too tough and harsh on them.

“This relocation has to happen sooner or later.” He was quite apologetic as he explained, “I understand that Mrs. Yan is concerned about the children. But if the government is attracting investors to invest in a project, they won’t change their plans just because of an orphanage.”

Xuxu nodded. “Yes, I understand this very well.”

She paused before deciding to change her approach. “But there hasn’t been any cases of an immediate relocation without giving ample notice. It’s rather unreasonable, and not to mention, this is an orphanage with children we are talking about.”

She stated the facts hoping to gain his sympathy. If this didn’t work out, she would have to use a‘stronger’approach.

“Yes.” He nodded. “This is indeed quite rushed but I’m merely following orders.”

“I just wanted to ask if your superiors are from the city government?” Xuxu probed.

She was quite sure about it but she wanted to confirm her suspicions before she could approach the right person.

He laughed loudly. “I will not hide from you. Indeed, this is a direct order from the city government. Before the end of the year, the relocation has to happen.”

Without waiting for Xuxu to reply, he consoled her by saying, “Actually, you don’t have to be too worried, Mrs. Yan. If Flourish & Prosper manage to successfully bid for this project, then you wouldn’t face any issues at all.”

“Flourish & Prosper?” Xuxu smiled lightly and shook her head. “It’s not within Flourish & Prosper’s considerations and we have no intention of joining the bidding.”

Even though this piece of land was located at a strategic position, Flourish & Prosper is currently in the midst of planning a few major projects with some still at the initial stages.