Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Miss Zhou Tong

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Their ongoing projects include the Coastal County Holiday Resort, the newly-signed collaboration with Country Y to build an electronics factory, as well as the real estate project with Chengnan.

Flourish & Prosper simply had no time to consider new projects.

Resources, manpower, and finances will all be fully utilized.

District Head Jia seemed bewildered. “How could it be? I saw Flourish & Prosper on the name list as one of the competitive bidders.”

Xuxu couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “Flourish & Prosper? Are you serious?”

To be able to bid for that piece of land, the bidder would definitely be a prominent and huge corporation. And there couldn’t be a second Flourish & Prosper in the industry.

More so, she had been handling almost all of the projects in the company recently, and she was aware of their progress as well.

How would she be kept in the dark regarding the bidding of such a huge piece of land that was worth billions?

District Head Jia nodded fervently and reassured her. “Yes, it’s definitely Flourish & Prosper. Third Master personally came twice and we even had a meal together. He mentioned that he intends to develop a large-scale amusement park on that piece of land.”

Yan Rusheng came personally? Develop an amusement park

District Head Jia continued blabbering but Xuxu was no longer listening. She seemed to be lost in a reverie as she recalled how Yan Rusheng had played with the children at the orphanage. The scenes of how he sang with them, carried themit all flashed across her mind.

He wasn’t a patient person, especially towards children and animals.

‘How about one every year’

‘No way. After pregnancy, one needs to practice abstinence for ten months. We shall have one every two years instead.’

‘Forget it. Just one boy and one girl would be enough’

‘I really envy those children. You care for them so much and showered them with concern’

‘Yan Rusheng, what is the reason for you doing this?’

Flourish & Prosper didn’t have any plans to develop an amusement park in these recent years nor in the past.

Looking at the current situation, if they were to successfully acquire this piece of land, their resources would be overly-stretched. How was he planning to deal with the investment and even the construction development in the later stages?

The journey to and fro took more than four hours and it was almost evening when Xuxu reached the office. Loud thuds were produced as her heels stepped on the marble floor, it had resonated in the splendid and spacious hall.

Her hands were stuffed in her jacket and her head was bent down as she walked absent-mindedly towards the elevator.

As she reached the elevator, the elevator coincidentally arrived at the ground level. Several employees from Chairman Zhang’s office began to tumble out of the elevator

There were two unfamiliar faces who haven’t appeared in the building before.

One of them was a slim and petite lady who had thick makeup on her face. She wore a black coat with a cape and she had short cropped hair shaped like a mushroom. Her tiny, perfect-looking face ended with a sharply pointed chin.

Xuxu scrutinized her carefully and realized that she had often seen her on TV. She had just endorsed a famous brand of chocolate recently.

“Sister Xuxu.”

Everyone from the elevator greeted Xuxu amiably.

She smiled and nodded lightly.

“Third Madam Yan.”

After everyone was almost out of the elevator, Xuxu heard someone calling her when she was about to step inside.

She lifted her head and saw a man dressed in a foppish way. He was standing beside the female celebrity she had seen earlier on.

Usually, in such situations, he was probably the manager.

She gave a slight smile but remained silent.

The last person stepped out of the elevator, it was Qiao Jian. He hurriedly introduced Xuxu to the new comers. “Sister Xuxu, this is Miss Zhou Tong from AB Company and her manager Aill.”

Xuxu bowed her head and replied politely, “Hello.”