Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Why Are You All Still At Work?

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She knew Zhou Tong by face since she appeared on TV quite often, but she never caught her name once.

Nevertheless she had a shrewd idea as to why she was here at Flourish & Prosper.

Yan Rusheng had indeed dated many celebrities and models before, but he had never brought them to the company premise. Hence if a celebrity was there, it must be because of endorsement deals.

Aill smiled and stretched his right hand. “Third Madam, I’ve long heard of your name.”

Xuxu threw a fleeting glance at Aill’s hand but she didn’t return his handshake. She merely nodded and replied curtly, “You’ve flattered me.”

She stepped into the elevator.

And then pressed the elevator button without a second look.

“Third Madam is indeed as aloof and arrogant as what others have said.”

Even though the elevator’s doors were closed, she could still hear Zhou Tong’s sarcastic remarks.

Xuxu threw a glance at the elevator door and lowered her head, her eyes glistening in an instant.

The elevator stopped with a ‘ding.’

She took a deep breath, raised her head and stepped out.

She walked straight to the comfort to try and compose herself before stepping into the office.

“If it’s fame, Chen Yuxi is definitely more popular and well-known than Zhou Tong in the country. But if it comes to class and status, Zhou Tong will definitely beat Chen Yuxi hands-down. She graduated from a famous and renowned overseas music school. She had studied abroad and furthermore, she comes from a prestigious family. President has good taste indeed.”

“I heard that she was friends with the violinist Fang Jiayin and they studied in the same school overseas.”

“It’s likely that she was recommended by Fang Jiayin.”

Two female employees from another department were gossiping secretly in the comfort room.

Xuxu paused and hesitated as it wasn’t in her nature to eavesdrop. She walked inside and stared at them coldly. She interrupted them by saying, “Why are you all still at work?”

Both of them glanced at her, flustered. They bowed their heads, “Sister Xuxu.”

After greeting her, they tried to flee immediately.

Xuxu glanced askew as they dashed past her. She reminded them coldly once more. “In future, you’re not allowed to gossip about others in the office.”

“We got it.” They nodded hurriedly, hastened their footsteps and were out of her sight in seconds.

‘She graduated from a famous and renowned overseas music school. She had studied abroad and furthermore, she comes from a prestigious family. President has good taste indeed’

“Yes indeed, Yan Rusheng. Your have excellent taste and foresight. It’s too easy for you to make a choice.”

She stood at the basin and splashed water on her face to refresh herself. After which, she returned to the office and sat down at her desk to continue with her unfinished work.

Yan Rusheng’s office was silent and the lights weren’t switched on. She wasn’t quite certain if he was still inside.

But she didn’t knock on his door either.

The silence in the office was stifling.

Time flew past and she finally completed her work for the day. It was almost 10 p.m.

After tidying her desk, she rose from her seat and her stomach began to growl loudly.

She rubbed her belly and smiled bitterly to herselfshe had forgotten all her hunger.

Yan Rusheng’s office was already dead silent when Xuxu glanced over as she grabbed her bag.

He must have long been gone.

The winds were chilly and strong, so she wrapped herself tightly with her coat. The security guards were worried about her safety and one of them escorted her to flag a taxi.

After she got inside the taxi, she felt better as the warm air from the heater enveloped her. She bent her head and unzipped her coat.