Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Because You Liked It

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“Where would you like to go?”

The taxi driver turned around to ask her.

Xuxu raised her head. “Go”

She was about to mention her home address when her stomach started to growl, and so she changed her mind in a split second. “Go to Yizhong”.

The traffic was smooth at this time. The car’s radio was tuned to a music station.

A quiet and somewhat sorrowful song resounded in the car.

“When love turns to ice, everything would be peaceful. When the tears run dry, only determination is left. Exile myself to the border of the night and let dawn draw near to me step by step. My longing heart has turned to ashes. I’m really tired and have no more strength”

My love for you has nowhere to go. If I can to leap onto roofs and vault over walls to find you, any grievances need not be explained. As long as you hold me tight. If the cloud knows, the night lingers at every thought of you”

Only the heart is left praying and you wouldn’t know”

She slightly lifted her head as she listened intently to the sorrowful melody. The lyrics spoke to her heart and somehow she wasn’t aware that tears started to brim on her eyes.

If you knew, but you wouldn’t know.

My painful yet happy memories from those years.

Classes had just ended not too long ago and a few eateries were flourishing with customers.

Xuxu alighted from the taxi at a distance away from a fried vermicelli shop. She then strolled leisurely towards it.

“Her son treated you better.”

“You specky, your handwriting is atrocious and your love letter seems like a primary school essay.”

“Do you feel honored to be with me?”

Memories were beautiful but such were always short-lived.

A walk down memory lane evoked memories of the past. Within a few days, although things remained the same, people changed.

Certain emotions and feelings of despondency were dug up with the place she was in, but she was already accustomed to such heartaches.

Let her be the only one to remember this place.

Without realizing, she had already reached the fried vermicelli shop, and it was bustling with customers like the usual. Most of the customers were students less than twenty years old and everyone carefree smiles etched on their faces.

They were giggling and bantering with each other.

There was a certain point of time that she was just like them.

And during that time, she had developed feelings for him and it was not at all bitter, unlike now.

She never thought about what would lie in the future at that point of time. She thought that as long as she stood shoulder to shoulder with him in their studies, she would be able to remain by his side.

It sounded so easy, so as long as she worked hard.

“Aren’t you Xuxu? Why are you standing there? Come in quickly.”

Xuxu stood under the streetlights, facing the entrance of the fried vermicelli shop. The stall owner was about to carry the cutleries out to wash when she caught sight of her.

She was jolted back to reality and smiled at the stall owner as she walked into the shop.

Even though the heater in the shop was not turned on, the atmosphere felt comfortably warm.

She walked right inside, and as if the heavens all planned it, all the tables were occupied except for the one where she and Yan Rusheng previously sat on.

She walked over and sat down. The stall owner went over and greeted her. “What would you like to eat tonight?”

Without hesitation, she smiled and answered, “The usual fried beef vermicelli.”

“You and Third Young Master are interesting. He had just left after finishing a bowl of fried beef vermicelli, and then you came right after.” The stall owner laughed. “It would have been better if you two came together.”

Xuxu looked at the stall owner clear surprise written on her face. “He came?”

“Yes.” The stall owner nodded. “He left less than half an hour ago.”

She sighed. “Why would a young master like him love dining at such a small eatery? It must be because he likes you.”