Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Fallen Ill

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Xuxu smiled and remained silent.

In her mind, she thought, every two to three days, she and Yan Rusheng would appear on the newspapers headlines. Regardless of how busy the lady boss was or how uninterested she was in entertainment gossips, she ought to have known what happened.

She knew that she was expressing her concerns.

Indeed, in Yan Rusheng’s eyes, these were junk food and he wasn’t interested in it even in the slightest bit.

“Must be because you liked it.”

Was it really because of her?

It puzzled her as to why Yan Rusheng would even come down to her favorite vermicelli stall out of the bluejust like how she could not understand why he wanted to shoulder a huge burden to bid for the land in Haicheng City.

Her mind was preoccupied with such thoughts that she couldn’t even have her meal in peace.

The thought was tormenting her, she couldn’t stop thinking about it, and yet she didn’t have the courage to continue dwelling on it.

It was rare that after only a few mouthfuls of the fried vermicelli, she lost her appetite.

She prepared her money and walked towards the entrance to pay the stall owner.

Tch, a fickle minded woman, she’s not suited to be with Third Young Master.”

“Precisely. Fang Jiayin is obviously more compatible with him.”

“Heard that she managed to climb to her current status after sweet talking the elders in the Yan family. Such unscrupulous methods.”

With the new millennia, the younger generation had foul mouths that gossipy women could not even compare. The things they said and the words they said were simplyamazingtheir boldness could not be underestimated.

Even though she was standing near them, they had no scruples to point fingers at her.

Xuxu stopped in her steps and shot a vicious glare at the group of girls who were making comments about her.

The girls took notice of the glare that was thrown their way, and yet there weren’t any traces of guilt in their faces. In fact, they were behaving overbearingly as if they were talking facts.

All these pretty, innocent faces.

She clenched her fists tightly, suppressing all her grievances and fury before she continued walking ahead.

It was snowing outside and the temperature had dropped to almost zero degrees.

If she had to resort to unscrupulous means, after that fateful night of pain, she would have become Yan Rusheng’s lawful wife.

But she didn’t. Shedidnothing.

She had no idea how long she had walked. When she finally saw the luxurious villa, she shivered even though her body was soaked with sweat.

She entered the house and went upstairs straight away without looking at the time.

Passing by the study room, she saw that the room door was open. She stopped in her tracksa cold stare greeted her.

Looking at the towering figure, it was the first time in so many days that she didn’t try to resist nor pretend.

She even had the urge to say, “Ah Sheng, I’m exhausted. Can you give me your love, even if it’s just a little?”

Yan Rusheng fixed his gaze on her exhausted face for a moment before coldly looking away.

Xuxu also retracted her gaze and hung her head despondently, after which she walked feebly to her room.

She stood under the shower, allowing the hot water to wash over her body and make her feel warm.

She was too drained to even blow dry her hair. She went straight to bed in her bathrobe, laying and snuggling under the quilt with her hair dripping wet.

The next day was a weekend and she slept till noon. When she woke up her head felt dizzy and heavy, and her throat was scratchy and sore.

She had fallen ill.

Good. She could finally have a valid reason to take a rest.

Having slept in her wet hair, her silky long hair turned into a pile of messy ‘bird’s nest’. No matter how she brushed, her hair was curling and sticking out all over.