Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Remember To Take Your Medicine

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As she didn’t eat much over dinner yesterday, she was so famished that she didn’t have the patience to continue tidying up her messy hair. So she ended up tying them up into a bun.

She removed her bathrobe and changed into a set of white home wear with a small cat print on it.

Although she was ill, she still felt relaxed. She stuffed her hands into her pockets and sauntered out of her room.

Once she got to the first floor, Aunt Zhang happened to walk out of the dining room. The elderly lady smiled pleasantly at her. “Missy, I was about to check on you if you had woken up. Come and have your lunch now.”

Xuxu nodded her head and respond with an‘Ok’before heading straight to the dining room.

She stumped for a moment when she entered. Yan Rusheng was sitting there and he also wore a set of white home wear. He looked so dashing as he picked up a piece of vegetables with his chopsticks.

When he saw Xuxu, he paused in his actions and lowered his head. After which, he continued eating.

Xuxu walked over to her usual seat and took a glance at the dishes on the table.

Aunt Zhang painstakingly prepares all her favorite dishes every day, and true enough, there was the spicy pickled fish on the table.

She couldn’t wait and pulled out a chair and sat down.

She picked up the chopsticks in front of her and took a piece of pickle and placed it in her bowl. After blowing at it, she shoved it into her mouth.

She was about to pick up a piece of fish when Aunt Zhang reminded her warmly. “Missy, I’ve added a lot of chili to the fish today. It’s better for you to eat some other dishes first as your stomach is empty.”

Xuxu smiled and nodded her head. “I got it.”

The moment she opened her mouth, she was surprised. Her voice was extremely hoarse.

She reached out to feel her throat and pressed it gently with her fingers. Her throat felt pain even when she pressed it lightly.

“Missy, what happened to you?” Aunt Zhang walked over to her and asked her with anxiousness laced unto her voice. “Have you caught a cold?”

Xuxu nodded her head. “I think so.”

When she woke up, she knew that she had caught a cold and had a sore throat. But she didn’t expect it to be so serious.

Not wanting to worry Aunt Zhang, she said, “It’s nothing serious. I’ll take some medicine later and should recover soon.”

“You must be freezing last night.” Aunt Zhang’s heart ached as she looked at Xuxu. “I’ll make you some ginger tea later and you must also take some indigo root.”

After the old lady finished saying her piece, she took a glance at Yan Rusheng who was sitting opposite to Xuxu. She couldn’t help but sigh.

She could only look at these two children giving each other their cold shoulders every day. If only the old madam was still around.

“Don’t busy yourself. I’ll go upstairs and take some medicine after I’ve finished eating.” It took Xuxu some effort to talk as she had lost her voice. She looked at Aunt Zhang and maintained her smile. “I’ll be going to visit grandfather in the afternoon and won’t be taking dinner at home.”

“Ok.” Aunt Zhang nodded but feeling worried, she reminded her again, “You must remember to take your medicine.”

She finally set her mind at ease and went back to her chores.

Aunt Zhang’s concern and affection always reminded her of grandmother, the grandmother that she missed very, very much.

Xuxu trained her eyes at Aunt Zhangwho had a slight hunchbackand then retracted her gaze to continue eating.

She was a self-disciplined person but whenever she saw her favorite dishes in front of her, she couldn’t resist the temptation.

Even if her throat was on fire, she continued picking the spicy pickled fish with her chopsticks.

The fish was piping hot and she blew at it as she ate.


Yan Rusheng suddenly put down his chopsticks, or rather, slammed his chopsticks hard on the table.