Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Useless

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Grandfather stroked her head affectionately. “Silly girl. In what way is he better than Ah Heng? Although our family is indebted to the Yan family, if only I’ve known that you will suffer so much, even if we had to become beggars, grandfather wouldn’t send you to the Yan family in the first place.”

Xuxu recomposed her emotions and pushed grandfather away. She smiled while wiping away her tears. “Grandfather, what’s the point of saying these? If I’ve not entered the Yan family at that time, I should be toiling at the farmland now, constantly exposed to the sun till my skin is charred. I don’t want that type of life.”

After wiping away her tears, she looked up at the old man. Her eyes were red and her voice still choking with emotions, “One look and one can tell that someone is jealous over Flourish & Prosper’s collaboration with Country Y. Hence all these started due to a power struggle. Please don’t drag Ah Heng into this matter.”

‘I have nothing to hide’was only a self-consolation. Any celebrity or famous personality, including her, would be affected by such scandals. No one would remain cheery and open-minded.

Grandfather understood her and replied coldly with a sigh, “Ah Heng had already guessed that someone started all these and he was afraid that he might create further baseless gossips for you. Hence lately, he calls to check on me daily.”

Whatever Xuxu had mentioned earlier, Jiang Zhuoheng had already stated his view with regards to the situation with him over the phone. It had to be the doings of their business competitors who were jealous over Flourish & Prosper and resorted to such despicable method to embarrass them.

But he was angry with Third Yan because he didn’t stand up for Xuxu and protect her in this current situation. He was angry that of all people, his ex-girlfriend had to come into the picture to further embarrass Xuxu.”

“Alright, let’s stop talking about this.” Xuxu held the elderly man’s hand and smiled. “It’s rare that I’m sick and I want to use my illness as an excuse to demand your attention.”

She grabbed his hand and walked towards the counter as she spoke.

It suddenly dawned on Old Master Wen that she sounded different. He suddenly became worried. “What happened to your voice?”

Xuxu pouted her lips and gave a dissatisfied rebuke. “You kept saying that you are concerned for me yet it took you long enough to realize that my voice sounded different.”

She coughed lightly and continued, “I’ve caught a bad cold. That’s why I came here to look for some medicine.”

Grandfather frowned and cast a sideway glance at her. “At this stage, there’s no point taking Chinese medicine. Quickly take a western pill and sleep.”

“I don’t want to take Western medicine.” Xuxu shook her head and shifted her gaze from grandfather. Her voice was reduced to a whisper. “I will not take Western medicine.”

“My child, why are you so” Grandfather poked Xuxu’s head unsympathetically. “Useless.”

Xuxu stuck out her tongue mischievously. “I thought you used to say that Chinese medicine can also strengthen one’s body?”

“Why do I have such a dumb and useless granddaughter?” Grandfather couldn’t help but felt sorry for her. “I’ll go and prepare the medicine and get Qi Lei to boil it for you. After drinking, please go home quickly and have a good sleep.”

“I got it.” Xuxu playfully rubbed her head on grandfather’s shoulder like a kitten.

Grandfather let out a sigh. “You always cause me to worry.”

Xuxu knew from the start that Chinese medicine was bitter. But it was only after drinking it that she realized that it was even worse than what she imagined. She had to hold her breath and force it down her throat.

Grandfather looked at her expression which appeared worse than swallowing poison and snapped. “You asked for it.”

Xuxu merely smiled at the indisputable truth which he had said.

Indeed, she asked for it. At this juncture, she was still holding on to self-delusion.