Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 399

Chapter 399 How Did Her Fever Subside?

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After feeding her the medicine, Yan Rusheng used the method that Xuxu had used to help bring down Huanhuan’s fever.

He wrung the towel repeatedly and patiently wiped the warmest parts of her body.

Until her body temperature started to go down and when she finally fell into a deep slumber, only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

Xuxu slept peacefully and Yan Rusheng gazed at her intently. A plethora of emotions was churning in his eyes.

“Wen Xuxu, what must I do for you to fall in love with me?”

As he pondered, he stretched out to hold her hands and slowly wrapped his own over hers. Xuxu’s hands, as compared to his, were so much tinier and softer than his own.

If he knew that he would grow to love her so deeply, he would have made use of the numerous opportunities he had in the past to win her love.

Xuxu could feel that her hand was getting warmer and she frowned slightly as she tried to retract her hand.

Sensing her movement, Yan Rusheng immediately let go of her hand and stood up.

He stood by the edge of her bed and gazed at Xuxu once more. Then he turned to go round the bed and walked to Xuxu’s dressing table.

He pulled a chair and sat down.

There were plenty of tiny ornaments on Xuxu’s dressing table and he examined them one by one.

There was a pile of cosmetics and some furry little figures and pendants. He seemed to gain a better understanding of what Wen Xuxu was fond of.

It seemed that this was his first time inside her chamberher real personal chamber.

After examining the stuff sprawled on the table, he pulled and opened the drawer. There were fewer items inside; a photo album, a locked diary, and a red wooden box.

He was attracted by the red wooden box, perhaps due to it being locked.

He took it and gave it a shake. Something was rattling inside.

What was it inside?

He used his long finger to prod at the tiny lock and he had a sudden unethical whim to pry it open. He was curious enough to know what was inside the box.

Did Jiang Zhuoheng give her somethingfor her to cherish it like a precious treasure?

But eventually, he didn’t cave into his whim.

Of course, he didn’t do that, but not because he felt that it wasn’t right for him to rummage through someone’s belongings. Rather, he was afraid that the cherished item inside might give him a huge blow.

He returned the box to its original position and closed the drawer.

He strode back to the bed and stretched his hand to feel Xuxu’s forehead. Her fever had almost subsided.

Xuxu was perspiring and Yan Rusheng dabbed lightly at the beads with some tissues.

It was already dawn and the weak sunlight was shining in through the windows.

His phone vibrated in his pocket and he took it out. He took his eyes off Xuxu and glanced at the screen and proceeded to walk out of the bedroom.

“Mm. Okay, I got it.”

“You go ahead, I’ll be there shortly.”

He ended the call quickly and Yan Rusheng went back to Xuxu’s room as he pushed the door carefully.

She was still sound asleep and she looked peaceful.

His heart seemed to have softened at the sight. He shut the door quietly after him and turned around to leave.

Xuxu felt that she had slept for a century and when she woke up, her entire body was aching badly. She felt weak and limp as well.

She knew that she must have had a high fever.

But how did her fever subside?

She blinked as she mulled over the question. She fumbled for her phone and got a shock. It was already 12 p.m and it was Sunday.