Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Beginning To Not Understand You

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Oh dear, she had slept for nearly 24 hours.

“Wen Xuxu, are you a pig?”

She scrambled to her feet and the first thing she thought of after 24 hours of sleep, was to rush to the toilet.

After she came out from the toilet, she caught a strong familiar scent of Chinese medicine.

She glanced at the drawer near her bed and there was an empty bowl on top. There was still some dark brown residue left in the bowl.

Someone came to feed her with medicine. That would explain why.

She knew it. She was having a high fever and it’s impossible for the fever to subside on its own. It was a miracle that she didn’t burn to death.

It must be her grandfather.

“Grandfather? Is it you?”

Xuxu opened the door and heard some movements from the kitchen, and so she made her way there.

The person in the kitchen heard her. He craned his head out and called out, “Sister Xuxu, it’s me.”

It was Qi Lei. Xuxu smiled at him. She was running a fever the entire night and both her smile and voice were pretty weak. “Qi Lei, did my grandfather take care of me last night?”

Qi Lei was holding a bowl of porridge and shook his head as he walked. “No, it’s Brother Third Yan.”

“What?” Xuxu was thunderstruck when she heard him. Her face was screwed up in disbelief and confusion. “You mean Yan Rusheng came last night?!”

Did he feed her with medicine?

How could that have happened?

“Yes, he did. He came to the clinic last night to get your apartment keys.” Qi Lei continued, “He left only in the morning.”

“No, but” Xuxu couldn’t quite believe her ears. She stared at the floor and seemed to be mumbling to herself rather than asking Qi Lei. “Why would he be here?”

And he had stayed overnight to take care of her.

The last time she saw him at home, he had given her the cold shoulder even when she looked at him in such a pitiful state.

Qi Lei shook his head. “I’m not sure.”

He paused before continuing, “Brother Third Yan must have been very concerned about you since he stayed overnight. When he came to the clinic yesterday, he had rushed out after collecting the keys.”

Xuxu replied vaguely with an‘oh’for she was too preoccupied with her own thoughts.

She went to wash up and after coming out of the bathroom, she still hasn’t fully recovered from the shock.

Qi Lei had cooked porridge for her and two other dishes. She enjoyed the meal thoroughly.

She was almost done with her lunch when she suddenly thought of something. She slammed her chopsticks and bowl on the table and then darted to her room frantically. She went to her dressing table and pulled the drawer.

She had never been so relieved when she saw that her diary and the wooden box remained locked and still in their original positions.

Thank god that fellow didn’t do any snooping around again, like what he did in high school. He didn’t unlock her diary nor her wooden box. Her secret was still safe.

Feeling relieved, she went back to the living room.

After lunch, Xuxu went to the clinic. After drinking the medicine that Grandfather had brewed for her, she went home shortly.

She waited all afternoon ’till dusk but Yan Rusheng was still nowhere in sight. When she finished her drama, the courtyard was still empty.

He could still be busy with social engagements.

Xuxu peered outside and yawned widely. She decided not to wait any longer, stood up and went upstairs.

Actually, she had no idea why she was waiting for him. So what if she had waited ’till he came home? What should she even say to him?

Thank you for taking care of me yesterday night?

Or to ask him why did he take care of her yesterday?

No matter how she phrased her question, she felt that it was too pretentious.

She sighed and then thought, ”Yan Rusheng, I feel that I’m beginning to not understand you.”

She couldn’t understand him. What was he trying to do or what was on his mind? If he didn’t have her in his heart, then why did he do all of that?