Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 403

Chapter 403 It Should Be Due To Love

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Xuxu came out of the office pantry with a cup of water. She settled in her seat and glanced at the time. It was almost 5 p.m., almost time to clock off.

She leaned against the back of her chair as she tilted her head and shut her eyes. Her eyelashes and eyelids were slightly quivering.

Sigh. She couldn’t stop whatever that was coming, and she would have to do whatever that needed to be done.

She sighed heavily in her heart and Xuxu’s eyelids fluttered open. She placed the cup down and took her cell phone. She stood up, grabbed her bag and left the office while making a call.

“I’m Wen Xuxu. I’m on my way.”

She walked with heavy but determined footsteps.

Jincheng City.

“President Yan, the young madam had called for a press conference. She had apologized to Country Y for the scandal between her and Charles.” Qiao Jian had entered Yan Rusheng’s room with a laptop in his hand after knocking on the door. He was quick on his footing towards Yan Rusheng who was buried in work.

After Yan Rusheng heard him, the pen he was holding jerked and stopped violently in mid-air. His gorgeous face seemed to be instantly clouded by a layer of gloom.

Qiao Jian placed the laptop in front of him and it was playing a video of Wen Xuxu at the press conference in the capital city.

She stood in front of the camera as beams of lights mercilessly flashed at her.

Nevertheless, she stood tall and straight and displayed neither inferiority nor superiority. She fluently answered all the questions asked by the reporters and appeared unruffled and composed.

But Yan Rusheng’s heart seemed to be clenched tightly.

She was the prideful and aloof Wen Xuxu. She was Wen Xuxu, a person who was always able to stay levelheaded and indifferent.

Why would she care about such rumors? And she had chosen to apologize and clarify at a press conference.

His face was screwed up in concentration as he tried to guess what had happened. After a while, he had the answer in his heart. A chill air emanated from him and his eyes seemed to resemble a condensed layer of ice.

“Get prepared, we’re returning to the capital city.”

His tone was decisive.

He got up and walked towards his wardrobe.

Qiao Jian peered out of the windows and he hesitated for a second before saying carefully. “President Yan, it’s already getting dark Are we really going back right now?”

Yan Rusheng turned his head and lifted his brow coldly. “Is there a problem?”

He stretched his hand, removed a coat from the wardrobe and put it over him.

Qiao Jian didn’t dare to dawdle any longer and went to prepare.

In the dining room, Xuxu was drinking the ginger soup that Aunt Zhang had cooked for her. She had added coke to the soup and the heat made it no longer fizzy, leaving only sweetness.

For best results, Aunt Zhang had added more ginger to the soup to cure Xuxu’s flu. But as a result, it became spicier and it irritated the latter’s throat when she tried to drink it.

“I can’t drink this, my throat hurts.”

She placed the bowl down and touched her throat, pretending to whine in front of Aunt Zhang.

Actually, she didn’t intend to drink the soup at all. But because Aunt Zhang brewed the soup personally for her, she couldn’t bear to waste her efforts.

Aunt Zhang didn’t force her after Xuxu complained about the soup. She then said, “Then forget the soup, drink more water then.”

“Okay.” Xuxu smiled and nodded. “I’ll go upstairs first.”

She stood up and was about to leave the dining room.

“Third Young Master is back.”

A servant announced his arrival.

Was he back?Xuxu lifted her head in surprise and Yan Rusheng, who was dressed impeccably, had already appeared at the entrance of the dining room.

When she saw his gorgeous face, a streak of happiness flashed past her eyes fleetingly, but it was too swift for anyone to notice.

That happiness stemmed from her heart and she couldn’t control it.

Yan Rusheng gazed at her and stared at her aloof-looking face. It was only then that he did questioned himself. It was so late and he was travel-worn and weary from the journey, why exactly did he rush back?

If there needs to be a reason, he thought that it should be due to love.