Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 404

Chapter 404 I Really Feel Like Strangling You

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Yan Rusheng won’t be able to remain calm regarding anything that involved Wen Xuxu. He had been like this for as long as he could remember.

He hated himself for being like that and hated her for being the cause. But there was nothing he could do.

“Third Young Master, I guess you haven’t eaten dinner. Miss has just finished and the dishes are still warm,” Aunt Zhang said with a tinge of excitement when she saw Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng retracted his gaze from Xuxu’s face and nodded at Aunt Zhang promptly. “Mm.”

Then he entered the dining room.

Xuxu stared at the ground with her lips curled as she ridiculed herself. Why did she feel that she had become the type of wife who had waited grudgingly for her husband to come home only to dote and shower her with love after being away for a long time?

Even if she felt that way, she reckoned that he couldn’t be bothered.

He had merely taken care of her for an entire night while she was unconscious.

If everything he did was because he had truly loved and cared for her, he wouldn’t have defended and protected Fang Jiayin in public. And he had even insisted on changing the VIP for the Christmas event. And needless to say, he wouldn’t have agreed to her making an apology at the press conference.

Just months ago, Yan Rusheng had torn the billion-dollar contract for her sake.

But months later, he had made her bow to pressure, to appease others and for the sake of the billion-dollar contract.

Hence, she shouldn’t be harboring hope anymore. She simply cannot withstand the agony and pain from falling from paradise to hell once more.

She continued to walk out of the dining room.

Yan Rusheng watched her as she walked past, fury blazed in his eyes instantly.

He leaped to his feet and caught up with her swiftly with a few steps. He grabbed her violently and pinned her against the wall.

Both Wen Xuxu and Aunt Zhang were both shocked and terrified by his sudden rage. The bowl Aunt Zhang was holding dropped to the floor with a clang. “Third Young Master, what are you doing?”

Yan Rusheng’s eyes swept across her coldly. “Get out.”

He said it with an absolute authoritative tone.

“Third Young Master” Aunt Zhang moved forward as she was afraid that Yan Rusheng might hurt Xuxu judging from the terrible and incensed expression on his face.

Xuxu gave her a meaningful glance. “Aunt Zhang, just leave first.”

If Yan Rusheng really wanted to hurt her, how could an old lady like her be able to stop him?

She might get hurt as well.

Aunt Zhang wasn’t entirely at ease but she could only oblige and leave.

After Aunt Zhang left, Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth and menacingly inched nearer to Xuxu’s face. His angry and heavy breaths landed directly on her exquisite-looking face.

She raised her chin slightly with her lips pressed tightly together. She looked undaunted as she stared back at him. She looked as though she was taunting him.

But she was actually shivering with fear deep inside.

She had no idea what Yan Rusheng wanted and why he abruptly lost his temper. All she knew was that he was raging and was exceedingly mad right now.

Usually, the aftermath of such intense rage and wrath brought serious repercussions. Just like that fateful night, he had pinned her down while calling Fang Jiayin’s name. As if a beast inside of him was being unleashed.

“Wen Xuxu, aren’t you usually aloof and proud?” Yan Rusheng sneered at her as he inched threateningly closer until they were nose to nose with each other. “I really feel like strangling you.”

As long she was willing to yield to him, he could shelter and protect her from any storms.

But she would rather shoulder the burden all by herself and was even willing to bow her head to others. She would rather do all of these than to yield to him.

She had always shown him the coldest and cruelest side of her.

Xuxu kept her head tilted without a word. She didn’t want to ask, neither did she want to know what she had done to infuriate him to this extent.

Both of them stared at each other with intent and strong gazes as they remained deadlocked for a while. Finally, Yan Rusheng relinquished his grip.

He turned around and stormed off.