Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 405

Chapter 405 I've Loved The Wrong Person

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The next morning, both of them sat opposite each other at the dining table as usual. The room was silent except for the occasional sounds produced by the cutlery brushing against the plates.

Xuxu finished her breakfast first and after dabbing her mouth with a napkin, she got up to leave.

Yan Rusheng suddenly quipped, “Wen Xuxu, you should be glad that you called my name when you were unconscious. And not”

He deliberately paused and lifted his head to look at Xuxu. He sneered coldly with contempt. “Jiang Zhuoheng!”

“What? She had called his name when she was unconscious? What else did she say?”

Xuxu was struck with a pang of uneasiness. Hence she kept her head lowered so that Yan Rusheng wouldn’t notice and said nonchalantly, “That’s what you’ve always assumed.”

He was the one who had spun stories about how Ah Heng and she were deeply in love, and that he assumed that she had never forgotten Ah Heng.

It was because she wasn’t in the least important to him, that’s why he could be so indifferent as he tormented and taunted her about her relationship with Ah Heng.

“Hmph. Really?” Yan Rusheng smirked coldly as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. “It doesn’t matter how deep your love for Jiang Zhuoheng is. Since we are husband and wife now and after all, and we have grown up together, I feel that I’m obliged to enlighten you.”

He placed the napkin back on the table and stood up. His malicious-looking eyes stared at Xuxu intently. “What is so good about Jiang Zhuoheng and why is he worthy of your love? Was he really worth it to make you give up the opportunity of studying abroad and used it as a stake to see if he truly loved you? Now that you’ve been attacked by rumors and berated by everyone, where is he?”

His angry accusations echoed in the dining room.

“Yan Rusheng!” Xuxu bellowed at him and her tears gushed out instantly.

He knew he had found out that she had given up the chance to study abroad.

But he does not know who the person she had given it up for. But it was clear that this was her Achilles heel and he had callously ripped her wound open.

“What happened? Did I touch a raw nerve?” Yan Rusheng saw her tears and realized that he didn’t feel the sense of achievement and triumph he had expected to have when he had riled her up on purpose. He seemed to become more frustrated instead.

His smile was full of sarcasm and scorn. “Years ago, didn’t you choose to give up the opportunity? You’ve always dreamt of going overseas to study. To think that your dream was worth so little that you could forgo it just for someone whose heart wasn’t entirely with you.”

“Damn Jiang Zhuoheng, how could he not cherish her.”

How he wished that she had given up the opportunity for him.

Xuxu bawled and yelled. “Yes! I have loved the wrong person for years. So it serves me right and I deserve to bear all the consequences.”

She turned around and bolted out of the room.

He saw her vanishing from his sight and it was the first time Yan Rusheng had regretted his words so much. He wanted to chase after her but his feet seemed rooted to the ground.

This was not what he wanted.

She was in despair and so she cried.

But Xuxu still needed to get back to work. She tuned out her emotions while drinking a cup of coffee and dived back to work with a smile.

In the studio, a pretty lady stood in front of the cameras. She wore a bright red dress with a sharp V shape that revealed her beautiful back and accentuated her wonderful figure.

She was able to display different poses for the camera, be it seductive, sultry or aloof.

The photographer kept snapping away and he wore a satisfied smile throughout the shoot.

“Okay, done!”

After the last shot, he gave a thumbs up to the pretty lady.