Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Being Willful Is Selective Based On The Person

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All the staff in the studio began to get busy once more as they went about with their respective tasks.

One of the staff, who was in charge of editing the photos, was browsing through the photographs. She sighed with admiration and envy as she praised the model. “Miss Zhou Tong is indeed classy and she looks perfect from any angle.”

The photographer took a sip of water and interjected, “Yes and she doesn’t accept advertisements from small companies. If she didn’t have the capability and looks, how would she dare to be so willful and selective?”

He turned his head to look at Wen Xuxu. “Secretary Wen, why don’t you take a seat and browse through the photos to see if it’s satisfactory?”

No matter how they raved about the photos, the boss still had the final say.

Xuxu smiled and shook her head. “It’s alright. I’m not really an expert with these.”

She had casually browsed through the photos earlier on with the staff, and from an outsider’s perspective, every single photo seemed perfect. It seemed like the editing was quite unnecessary.

Furthermore, she wasn’t here to check on the photo shoot as she doesn’t have time to go through such tiny details. She had merely wanted to check on the overall progress.

“Secretary Wen, you should still take a look. If there is any problem, please voice it out now as I won’t be coming to re-shoot the photos again,” someone said in a haughty and cold tone. It turned out to be Zhou Tong. She was stroking her hair lazily. She seemed to have changed out of her red dress and was wearing her own clothes.

She wore a loose black top and a pair of dark red leather boots. She sauntered slowly towards them.

Xuxu glanced askew at her and smiled lightly. “Miss Zhou is really a woman of character.”

She spoke ambiguously.

The corners of Zhou Tong’s mouth curled widely. “I wouldn’t dare to, in front of Third Madam Yan.”

She had reached the computer and stood next to Xuxu. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and appeared indolent and sultry.

The smell of strong perfume on her body assailed Xuxu’s nostrils and it smelled pleasant.

This was the first time that she had smelled such a strong scent of perfume and she wasn’t disgusted by it.

She ignored Zhou Tong’s words and turned around to the person-in-charge from the PR department. She instructed her, “The publicity photos must be ready as soon as possible and the PR department must confirm the billboard design by the end of this week.”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Thanks for your hard work.” Xuxu patted her on her shoulder and spun around to leave the studio.

She wore a pair of black short boots with heels about 3 inches tall. Her footsteps sounded calm and stable as she stepped across the room.

It had reflected her current emotions.

Zhou Tong turned her head to glance at Xuxu as she curled her lips in disdain. “Other than being so condescending, I can’t see any other strengths.”

She said it in a normal tone of voice and without a care if anyone else was listening.

Her manager was rather edgy and anxious when he heard her. He frowned and whispered in her ear. “My dear lady, please don’t be so willful. You need to be careful when treading around certain people.”

That woman was Third Young Master’s wife and even though how strained their relationship might be, she was still his official spouse. The female head of the Yan family and Flourish & Prosper.

Zhou Tong sneered, ”Hmph, I simply can’t stand people who are pretending to be pure and lofty.”

Xuxu overheard her. She smiled to herself bitterly.

“Pretending to be pure and lofty? Shouldn’t she be talking about herself?”

She had seen so many celebrities this past year at Flourish & Prosper’s various events and Zhou Tong was the most stubborn one she had met.