Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Why Should I Be Angry?

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Just like what others have said, Zhou Tong had the right to be willful. Furthermore, she was chosen by Yan Rusheng.

She walked out of the studio and instantly felt much better since the lobby wasn’t as cold as it was inside.

She put on her jacket, as she still felt chilly, while walking towards the elevator.


A familiar voice echoed in front of her.

Xuxu halted on her footsteps and looked up. A familiar person with her usual gentle smiling face came into view. She said lightly, “What a coincidence.”

This was the first time Xuxu had crossed paths with her after the entire ruckus with Yan Rusheng.

Then she recalled that when she had just came back, they bumped into each other on several occasions.

If not, she would be have been very surprised to hear her voice.

Fang Jiayin was wearing a white woolen jacket with a pair of wine-red leggings. On her feet was a pair of black knee-high boots.

Her long hair, which resembled a premium black silk tumbled loosely around her shoulders and her back. She exuded a mature and intelligent womanly charm.

She strode towards Xuxu and pointed at the studio, which Xuxu had just come out from. She smiled and said, “I’m meeting Zhou Tong for lunch.”

“Oh.” Xuxu stretched her hand and pointed inside. “The shoot is over.”

What she truly meant with what she said was that she can look for her friend now.

And if she delved deeper, it also meant that Xuxu didn’t really feel like talking to her at the moment.

Fang Jiayin nodded. ”Mm, okay.”

But she didn’t seem to have any intentions to end the conversation.

So, Xuxu spoke again, “I’ve something on so I’ll leave first.”

She was about to leave when Fang Jiayin interjected. “Xuxu, are you angry with me?”

Xuxu heard her and turned her head. She feigned ignorance and asked, “Why should I be angry with you?”

In reality, she really couldn’t find any reason to be angry with her.

She didn’t do anything.

“That time” Fang Jiayin wore an apologetic expression as she expounded, “I’m talking about that time when Ah Sheng helped me regarding the collision outside Capital City Musical Theater. It was really a coincidence that we met each other. He did mention that he was on the way to look for you. But”

She wasn’t able to finish her sentence when Xuxu cut her. “It’s already over.”

She didn’t want to listen to any explanation regarding both of them.

But, Fang Jiayin rattled on, “Xuxu, I know that both of you aren’t talking because of that incident. I wanted to call you to explain but, I was afraid that you might feel that I’m being pretentious.

“Chen Yuxi was really unreasonable and went overboard that time. Ah Sheng helped me because we are old friends. It’s the media who had twisted the facts and exaggerated everything. Please don’t believe them,” she implored.

“Old friend?”

Xuxu heard her and she almost burst out laughing. It seemed like she didn’t understand Yan Rusheng well enough.

She had left without a word years ago and they had ended on such an unhappy note. So how could they possibly remain as friends after reuniting?

In such situations and with Yan Rusheng’s personality, anyone who had abandoned or humiliated him, it would be considered kind and benevolent of him not to destroy or add insult to her injury.

But he had declared his support for her openly in public and offered his help.

There were only two possibilities; firstly, he hadn’t gotten over her and his feelings for her were rekindled. That’s why it had invoked his protectiveness towards her.

The second possibility was that he felt that he had owed her.

He was a person who always clearly distinguished the good from the bad and love from hate.

Obviously, it wasn’t the latter so the only reason could only be the first possibility.