Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 408

Chapter 408 It Was Just Wishful Thinking

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“So it’s really not worth it, if your misunderstanding with him continues because of this incident. You’re really important to him. When he was drunk at that time that time when I met him outside the bar. He was drunk but he had called your name while looking at me.”

Fang Jiayin kept explaining in such an earnest tone, that it sounded very moving and enticing. But Xuxu simply didn’t want to listen to her anymore. She cut across once more. “Jiayin, thank you for being so concerned about us but, I’m really fine.”

Her patience was evidently running out.

Fang Jiayin bowed her head and looked reproachful. “I shouldn’t have come back, right?”

Xuxu couldn’t help herself to smile. “That’stooserious. Everything is destined and love can’t be forced. I admit that I’m a logical person especially in the matters that concern love.”

If there was a third party right now, she would have thought that Fang Jiayin was putting on a show to garner pity and sympathy from others.

She would have labeled her as a white lotus who seemed pure on the surface but was twisted and dark underwater.

But they were the only people around and she can’t fathom what was on her mind.

She paused before continuing, “True love can weather any storms, and it will definitely not be swayed or affected by a third party. So this has nothing to do with your return.”

She spoke sharply and firmly and her message was concise.

She gave no chance for Fang Jiayin to explain further.

Fang Jiayin forced a smile and said, “Xuxu, you are always so wise. I’ve always admired how composed and rational you are.”

Xuxu curled her lips. “Actually, your courage three years ago was more admirable.”

Admiring her was one matter, regretting her decision was entirely another matter.

So, she admired her courage but didn’t regret her own decision.

She turned her head and strode towards the elevator without any word.

As she left, Zhou Tong bounced out from the studio and smiled brightly at Fang Jiayin. “You’re here! I was about to call you.”

Fang Jiayin nodded at her briefly before catching a glimpse of Xuxu as she vanished out of sight. She stared afar with a mixture of deep and complex emotions.

Then she spun her head around and said to Zhou Tong, “Let’s go.”

Zhou Tong put her arm around hers and proclaimed happily, “Earlier on I managed to ask Yan Rusheng out for lunch. He will meet us directly at the restaurant.”

Fang Jiayin furrowed her eyebrows and chided her. “Why did you call him?”

“Of course it’s to eat!” Zhou Tong quipped as though it was the only expected answer. “What else can we do at a restaurant beside eating?”

Fang Jiayin knocked the back of Zhou Tong’s head. “You’re really looking for trouble.”

In reality, excitement and joy were surging in her eyes.

Zhou Tong shook her head mischievously. “I do admit that I love to seek trouble. It’s a treat for both my eyes and stomach to have a handsome guy eating with us.”

“You’re really”

The two girls were walking only a few steps behind her. Xuxu immediately stepped into the elevator when it arrived. The doors closed before Fang Jiayin and Zhou Tong appeared.

Movie and lunch.

Sounds like they were about to relieve their sweet memories from their university days.

Xuxu ate lunch outside and she drove at a leisurely speed on the way back to the office.

She switched on the radio and it was playing some trendy songs.

How she wished she could drive aimlessly without facing her troubles.

But, this was reality and it was just wishful thinking on her part.

She found a parking lot in the car park. She unfastened her seatbelt and got off the car.

The sun was still shining brightly with blasts of frosty winds.