Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 409

Chapter 409 How Can It Be?

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After returning to the office, she immersed herself with work that she had even forgotten to rehydrate herself with water.

She had yet to recover from her flu and was frequently interrupted by her cough. At times, she would be hacking continuously, too.

She clutched her chest and went into a coughing fit. Her throat was dry and tight. She reached for her cup and shouted for her assistant who was seated opposite to her. ” Mi Ling”

She had barely finished speaking when Yan Rusheng’s cold voice sounded behind her.

“Qiao Jian, work has been hard on everyone lately. Please arrange for an afternoon tea and let everyone take a break.”

Xuxu was baffled when she heard his voice and turned to look at him.

He didn’t step out of the office all these while? Wasn’t he was supposed to meet them for lunch?

While she was still in her state of shock, the previously tensed atmosphere in the office had already turned relaxed and lively.

“Thank you, President Yan.”

“All hail to President Yan.”

Everyone chimed in and praised Yan Rusheng, while Xuxu retracted her gaze slowly.

Perhaps she was stirred by the sudden change in the office atmosphere that her mood had also become considerably lighter and cheerful.

“Let’s get back to work first,” Yan Rusheng instructed them and as he walked back to his office. His eyes deliberately swept past Xuxu.

He closed his office door.

Qiao Jian arranged for afternoon tea from First Love, the same place which Xuxu bought them their treats before.

A well-known brand name amongst the Western-styled pastry shop.

Everyone in the President’s office, including Xuxu, had a share of the afternoon tea.

“Miss Xuxu, this is yours.” Qiao Jian personally brought Xuxu’s share over to her and left the rest of the afternoon tea at a common area for the rest to help themselves. “Rock sugar fritillary bulb with pear.”

“First Love doesn’t sell such dessert,” Xuxu muttered suspiciously while she attempted to open the plastic bag that was holding the dessert.

She was a regular customer of the First Love outlet near her office. Hence, she was familiar with their array of food and beverages.

Qiao Jian smiled without hesitation all of a sudden and bent over to whisper into Xuxu’s ears, “President had specially instructed me to buy this for you.”

Xuxu raised her head in surprise and looked at Qiao Jian who was beaming.

“How can it be?” Xuxu didn’t want to believe.

Yesterday night, he was so fierce and mean to her. How could he change so drastically overnight?

The plastic bag was torn open and indeed, it revealed a container that didn’t belong to First Love but another dessert brand instead.

As her throat was uncomfortably dry, she inserted the straw and started drinking without hesitation.

Qiao Jian stood beside her and looked around sneakily and then glanced at Yan Rusheng’s office door.

He bent over and inched closer to Xuxu and whispered, “Sister Xuxu, pretend that I didn’t tell you this. President Yan and I were at Jincheng City yesterday and we were supposed to be back on this afternoon. But, after he found out about your apology at a press conference, he was overcome with rage and changed his itinerary. We rushed back last night instead.”

“He was overcome with rage after finding out about her apology at the press conference? Why?”

A perplexed Xuxu looked at Qiao Jian. “What do you mean?

Wasn’t the apology at the press conference his idea? Even if it wasn’t, he must have consented to it.

So what was he mad about? Was he unhappy because her apology wasn’t earnest enough or her words of apology were inappropriate?

Qiao Jian knitted his eyebrows anxiously. “My dear lady boss, can’t you see?”

Such an intelligent man, yet why was he reacting so strongly on this?

He was about to lower his voice to explain to Xuxu about Yan Rusheng’s rage when a voice behind him spoke and sent shivers down his spine.