Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 411

Chapter 411 As If It Was Tailor Made

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His eyes and crimson lips were indescribable, languid and flirtatious.

Xuxu was dumbfounded for a moment before she recovered and frantically averted her gaze from his face. “I’m ready. We can leave now.”

Yan Rusheng responded with an‘Mm’. His naturally nasal voice was exceptionally attractive.

He straightened himself and threw the cigarette into the ashtray portion of the trash can before turning around to leave.

Xuxu followed after him. Looking at his towering back, her heartbeat was ineffably erratic.

She lowered her head and gripped the beige colored striped sleeves of her blouse.

“You intend to wear that outfit to the birthday party?” When they were back in the office, Yan Rusheng halted his steps and suddenly spun around to look Xuxu.

He knitted his eyebrows. He was obviously dissatisfied with her outfit.

Xuxu replied, “We’re attending an elderly man’s birthday celebration, not a wedding or an engagement party.”

She was implying that there was nothing wrong in attending the birthday celebration in her current outfit.

“We are attending grandfather Lu’s ninetieth birthday. It will be a grand affair with guests from all walks of life and you intend to wear your woolen blouse” Yan Rusheng paused and glanced at the pair of black ankle boots on Xuxu’s feet. His charming voice resounded again, “And this pair of boots to socialize with the guests?

“You should have told me earlier.” Xuxu lowered her head and mumbled to herself as she looked at her own outfit.

If it was indeed as grand as what he had mentioned, then it would definitely be inappropriate for her to appear in this outfit.

“Come with me.” Yan Rusheng grabbed her hand all of a sudden and dragged her into his personal office.

When they were inside, he continued dragging her towards his room.

Xuxu gritted her teeth in pain as he had grabbed her wrist with too much strength. He released his grip only when they were in his room. By then, her wrist had already turned red.

She frowned and massaged her wrist with a look of annoyance.

Yan Rusheng took out a bright purple box from his wardrobe. He turned around and saw Xuxu frowning with her lips pursed and noticed her bruised wrist as well.

He realized that he had grabbed her in a boorish way and hurt her. He felt guilty and chided himself.

Hence, he softened his tone. “Change into this. I’ll wait for you outside.”

After he finished saying his piece, he threw the box onto the bed and strode out of the room, closing the door after him.

Xuxu looked at the box and knew without a doubt what was inside.

She walked over and opened the cover. It was a sleeveless orange-red sheer gown with a v-neck which, was extremely soft to feel. It was a simple dress with no ornaments on it.

This was actually a style that she liked.

But, in such chilly weather, even if the heater was turned on, one would still easily catch a cold wearing this.

Sigh.Just have to endure the cold. If she didn’t change into it, he would be unhappy again.

After some deliberation, Xuxu carried the gown to the bathroom and changed into it. It fitted her perfectly as if it was tailor-made for her.

She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. Clearly, this gown was more presentable for the grand occasion.

She wondered who chose this gown for her. Could it be him?

But how was it possible?

“Are you ready?” Yan Rusheng spoke impatiently. “Lu Yinan just called.”

Xuxu snapped out of her daze and responded loudly, “I’m coming.”

She grabbed the clothes that she had changed out with one hand and opened the bathroom door with the other hand, stepping out barefooted.