Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Wasn't He Aware That She Was Only Wearing A Sheer Piece Of Gown?

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Yan Rusheng pushed the door open and entered. When he saw her current state, he knitted his brows. “Are you bringing your pile of clothes along as well?”

Xuxu answered casually, “I’ll leave them in the car and bring them home later.”

She couldn’t possibly leave them in the office.

After Yan Rusheng heard this, a trace of annoyance flashed across his eyes. She had always drawn a clear line between them. Since this was his room, it should also be her room as well right?

Is she so full of resentment towards him that she didn’t want to leave her clothes in his office?

Since they were about to leave for an elderly man’s birthday celebration, he didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere between them and he let her have her way.

He shifted his gaze to Xuxu’s bare feet. He couldn’t stand it any longer and chided her, “Why aren’t you wearing your shoes? Wasn’t there a pair of shoes in the bathroom?”

Xuxu lowered her head and stood on tiptoes. Like a child in the wrong, she answered with an‘Oh’.

Seeing her in that sort, Yan Rusheng caved in and spoke in a gentler but without any emotion in his tone of voice, “The shoes and waistcoat are in the wardrobe.”

As usual, Xuxu answered with an ‘Oh’and walked towards the wardrobe. There was a woolen waistcoat hanging inside and a shoe box was placed on the rack beneath it.

She bent over to retrieve the box and opened it. Inside it was a pair of silvery-white stilettos which, was about 8 cm high.

She had never worn such high stilettos before. When she saw it, her first instinct was fear. She was fearful that she couldn’t manage with that pair of stilettos.

“The heels are too high. Don’t blame me if I make a fool of myself and embarrass you.”

After saying that, she took out the shoes from the box and begun wearing them.

Yan Rusheng looked at her and thought to himself, ”Wasn’t she a capable person who could handle anything in a breeze? So why couldn’t she even manage a pair of heels?”

However, he felt accomplished and was subtly satisfied with himself.

While he was still mulling over it, Xuxu had already put on the stilettos. Her 1.6-meter frame shot up suddenly in those heels. She straightened herself and looked at Yan Rusheng.

The heels were too slim and she had problems maintaining her balance. Hence, she walked gingerly across the hall.

A smile appeared on Yan Rusheng’s face but it vanished soon after that.

He said, “If you are of making a fool of yourself, then don’t walk around too much later.”

Xuxu was astounded.

She couldn’t help but feel that he was irking her on purpose. How could she just sit through the entire birthday celebration?

Forget it. As long as this Young Master allowed it, then she would be happy to oblige. She wouldn’t even need to go around putting on a superficial smile at everyone.

The weather had turned chilly for the past two days and it was especially freezing at night. Even if she put on a fur waistcoat, it wasn’t enough to withstand the cold.

The moment they left Yan Rusheng’s office, Xuxu wrapped her arms around her body and sheepishly followed behind Yan Rusheng.

The car was waiting at the entrance of the company. When the chauffeur saw Yan Rusheng and Xuxu walking out, he got off the car hastily and opened the car door for them.

They were greeted by a blast of cold wind the moment they stepped out of the entrance. The air felt more chilly than before and Xuxu made her way into the car in a scurry.

When she got into the car, she closed the car immediately without hesitation.

Young Master Yan had not boarded the car and his good-looking face darkened instantly.

She must have thought that he will be taking the front passenger seat.

This woman simply didn’t know what she’s in for.

Yan Rusheng gnashed his teeth and opened the car door. He didn’t get into the car immediately but peered down at Xuxu coldly.

Xuxu lifted her head to look at him innocently. She had no idea why he got angry again.

She wished that he could quickly get into the car and closed the door. While he was dressed in thick warm clothes, wasn’t he aware that she was only wearing a sheer piece of gown?