Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 413

Chapter 413 You Are Getting More Well Behaved

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When he watched her sitting there unmoving, Yan Rusheng frowned and retorted, “Do you want me to sit on your lap?”

“Oh.” Xuxu swiftly shifted her buttocks to the other side.

She thought that he was taking the front passenger seat.

When Yan Rusheng got into the car, he shut his eyes. Just when Xuxu thought that he had planned to remain silent, his charming voice resounded again. “Untie your braids. This hairstyle doesn’t match your attire.”

There was a long pause

Even though she felt that he was too bossy and overbearing at times, she still obeyed.

She didn’t want to allow a small matter to affect her mood and emotions.

Although she didn’t like to let down her hair he seemed to like it that way. She had also never seen Fang Jiayin tying up her waist long hair too.

Her long hair resembled a waterfall that flowed down in torrents. It emitted a faint scent of the shampoo fragrance. Just breathing in the scent, Yan Rusheng felt that it smelled better than any other perfume.

Could it be because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?

He lowered his head and curled his lips.

“That sounded so cheap!”

Xuxu took out a comb from her bag and with gentle and graceful strokes, she combed from top to bottom.

Yan Rusheng perched his arm on the window and pressed his forehead against the back of his hand. He looked intently at the woman beside him.

Dressed in orange and coupled with her silky long tresses made the aloof woman appear especially attractive and delightful to watch.

How wonderful it would be if she belonged solely to him.

When Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu arrived, the ballroom was already full of people and most esteemed guests had already arrived.

When they entered the ballroom, someone greeted them with a warm smile.

“President Yan, Madam Yan.”

As they walked along the red carpet, guests came up to greet them.

Xuxu was afraid of tripping over her heels and held onto Yan Rusheng’s arm tightly.

Yan Rusheng placed his other hand on the back of her hand.

Everyone was startled to see them as an affectionate and harmonious couple.

Rumors had it that the both of them could no longer get along and that they loathed each other. But, that didn’t seem to be the case. What was happening?

Old man Lu was a patriotic, retired soldier, and a traditional man. Hence, the entire ballroom was decorated according to Chinese customs, with red as the main theme.

At the end of the red carpet was a stage with a backdrop made up of silk. There was an eye-catching word of ‘longevity’ on it.

The crowd gathered at the stage and they were laughing and talking.

Yan Rusheng held hands with Xuxu and walked through the crowd with a smile on his face “Grandfather Lu.”

When he heard his voice, the elderly man who was dressed in a deep red colored Tang suit and holding a walking stick, looked at them amidst the crowd.

His wrinkle-filled face instantly brimmed with a kind smile. “Third Yan is here. I was just asking why you weren’t here yet.”

Yan Rusheng withdrew his hand from his pocket and walked over to the elder man while holding Xuxu’s hand. He smiled and nodded. “I’m here. My apologies for arriving late.”

“It’s alright.” Old man Lu waved his hand and averted his gaze to Xuxu. He laughed and said, “The wife of Third Yan is getting more well-behaved now.”

Xuxu smiled lightly. “Don’t tease me Grandfather Lu.”

Old man Lu pointed his finger at her. “When your grandmother was still alive, she always sang praises about your capabilities to us.”

Without giving Yan Rusheng and Xuxu a moment to think about their grandmother, he joked with her. “Xiao Nan also grew up with you. But, why didn’t you become my granddaughter-in-law?”

The crowd howled with laughter.

Lu Yinan looked at the elderly man and pointed at Yan Rusheng and teasingly said, “Grandfather, Third Yan is well known for being petty. So please don’t talk nonsense. I fear that he will take revenge on me in private.”