Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Head Over Heels In Love

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Old man Lu stared at him. “You are the useless one. You are already twenty-something and still don’t have a girlfriend.”

Lu Yinan knitted his eyebrows. “Today is your birthday. Can you not say such things?”

For children in such families, their parents usually couldn’t wait to see them off and have children once they are of marriageable age.

So since he’s still single, it’s unavoidable that he had to face constant nagging at home.

Old man Lu snorted coldly, “Are you afraid of embarrassing yourself?”

Lu Yinan nodded humbly. “Yes, yes, yes. Your grandson is full of problems and no girls like him. That’s why he can’t find a girlfriend.”

Just at that moment, a crisp sounding voice could suddenly be heard coming from the crowd. “Brother, I thought I heard that your were dating a doctor from the Department of Urology in the hospital?”

Department of Urology!

Hearing this, everyone looked at Lu Yinan with a strange look in their eyes.

Young Master Lu coughed and his face turned red with embarrassment. He pushed up his spectacles and responded, “No, I’m not dating anyone. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Yan Rusheng, who was not fond of cracking jokes in public opened his mouth all of a sudden. “You are using the opportunity to seek treatment at the Urology Department for your private matters.”


The crowd laughed out loud.

Xuxu pursed her lips and smiled secretly and she accidentally caught sight of herself locking hands with Yan Rusheng.

“This fellow. He’s too much!”

How could he crack such jokes in the presence of all the elders. He simply didn’t know his limits.

Young Master Lu gnashed his teeth and glared at Young Master Yan. “Bad friend.”

The laughter gradually died down and Old man Lu looked at Lu Yishan who had just joined them. “Yishan, aren’t you hosting your girlfriends upstairs. Why have you come down to join in the crowd?”

“I came down to look for third sister-in-law.” Lu Yishan warmly wrapped her arms around Xuxu. “Third sister in law, we are short of a mahjong player.”

Erm.” The corners of Xuxu’s mouth twitched. “I don’t know how to play mahjong.”

Wasn’t this a game played by those idle old men and old women?

Lu Yishan dragged her off. “It’s alright. We can teach you.”

Old man Lu said, “I think you must be conspiring with your girlfriends to cheat your Third sister-in-law of her money.”

Lu Yishan glared at the old man and pouted. “Grandfather, am I such a person?”

While the grandfather and granddaughter were bantering with each other, Yan Rusheng took the opportunity to lean over and whisper into Xuxu’s ears. “Go and enjoy yourself. I’ll go over and look for you in awhile.”

As their distance from each other slowly grew apart, she could still feel his warm breath on her neck and it felt as if a feather was tickling her. She was so tickled that she wanted to pull back her neck.

She slightly pulled back and nodded with a faint ‘Ok‘.

Lu Yishan turned back and saw both Xuxu and Yan Rusheng whispering to one another. She then raised her voice on purpose as she said, “Look at the both of you. You are not allowed to go upstairs together ok?”

After saying that, she dragged Wen Xuxu away.

Xuxu had difficulties walking in her stilettos and stumbled in her steps when Lu Yishan dragged her.

They had already reached the stairway but Yan Rusheng couldn’t set his mind at ease and kept gazing at her.

Suddenly, someone placed a hand on Yan Rusheng’s shoulder and a sloppy voice resounded in his ears. “Great lover, follow after her if you are worried”

Another voice came from the other side. “Exactly. Look at his pair of ardent eyes.”

Some pampered young masters started teasing him.

“I can’t stand her coquettishness.”

“I think you are too head-over-heels in love with Wen Xuxu already.”

Young Master Lu knitted his eyebrows and smiled in an enchanting and flirtatious manner.