Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 417

Chapter 417 She Is Indeed Quite Haughty And Aloof

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Ming Ansheng gave Yan Rusheng a meaningful glance and said casually, “Both of them don’t know how to play, let’s guess who will learn it first.”

Yan Rusheng knew obviously who were the‘both of them’he was referring to.

At the mention of Wen Xuxu, he couldn’t help but become worried once more.

She had never played mahjong before and furthermore, she had to play with some strangers. She would definitely feel uncomfortable.

Lu Yinan grabbed Yan Rusheng’s arm suddenly and said, “Third Yan, Ah Heng isn’t here yet. You can play on his behalf first.”

“I’m not playing.” Yan Rusheng shoved his hand away. “I’m heading upstairs.”

Lu Yinan didn’t force him and instead turned around to tell Ming Ansheng. “Let’s find someone else without waiting for Ah Heng. Yishan said that she wanted to introduce her friends to Ah Heng. Let Yishan entertain him later.”

He spoke casually but someone was listening intently.

Lu Yishan was planning to introduce her friends to Jiang Zhuoheng. It had to be the ladies who were playing with Xuxu right now.

Does that mean that Jiang Zhuoheng would be heading to the room where Xuxu was in later?

At the thought of this, Yan Rusheng changed his mind abruptly. “What time will he be here? I’ll just play for a few rounds.”

Lu Yinan looked perplexed. “Didn’t you just say that you weren’t playing?”

Lu Yinan was the pampered and precious young master in the Lu family, who was doted by Madam Lu and his older sisters. He was naive and innocent by nature, so how would he be able to fathom Yan Rusheng’s complex mind?

Ming Ansheng was different. He had a shrewd hunch the second he noticed Yan Rusheng’s subtle frustrated expression.

Even though he knew what was on his mind, he remained silent as he tried to conceal his grin.

“Forget it then, go look for someone else.” Yan Rusheng was about to leave.

“Third Yan.” Lu Yinan stopped him. “He said he will be here at 8 p.m., but even if there was a traffic jam, he should be here latest by 8.30 p.m..”

Yan Rusheng frowned and feigned impatience. “Let’s go.”

Lu Yinan and Fang Jiayin walked ahead first with Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng trailing behind them.

“You have to set a good example first before expecting that of others!”

Ming Ansheng edged closer to Yan Rusheng and whispered in his ear.

Yan Rusheng turned his head and asked, “What do you mean?”

Ming Ansheng laughed. “The smart Young Master Yan doesn’t know what I mean?”

Young Master Yan pressed his lips tightly and seemed to struggle for a while before speaking once more. “Call Jiang Zhuoheng and ask him what time would he be here.”

He said as softly as he could to make sure that only Ming Ansheng could hear him.

Ming Ansheng smirked at him. “I really can’t tell.”

He took his phone out of his pocket and stared at the phone for a moment before he shook his head and sighed heavily. “I really can’t tell at all.”

Who would have thought that the arrogant and condescending Yan Rusheng would be afraid of someone? And incredibly, he was afraid of Wen Xuxu whom he had despised and hated ever since they were kids.

Ming Ansheng dialed Jiang Zhuoheng’s number.

Jiang Zhuoheng said that he would arrive in 15 minutes.

After ending the call, Ming Ansheng stretched his arm and put it around Yan Rusheng’s shoulders. “You have made up with him?”

Yan Rusheng frowned and glanced askew at him. “Ming Ansheng, are you becoming like Lu Yinan?”

He gave his shoulder a shrug and Ming Ansheng’s arm slid off.

Ming Ansheng didn’t back off as he put his arm on his shoulder once more. “I’m not sure what other misunderstandings you had with Wen Xuxu. But, just like what the elders have said, Wen Xuxu is a good lady. Although she is indeed quite haughty and aloof sometimes”

Yan Rusheng turned his head and glared at him. He snapped and cut across him, “Do you mean she has to smile at everyone she meets?”