Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 419

Chapter 419 He Isnt So Petty

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Both Lu Yinan and Ming Ansheng turned and stared at her in surprise. You won?

Lu Yinans eyes swept swiftly across Fang Jiayins tiles and he grinned. You didnt.

I didnt? Fang Jiayin didnt believe him and turned to glance at Yan Rusheng, blinking her eyes doubtfully. Ah Sheng, is it true?

Yan Rusheng who wasnt paying attention to the game, lifted his head when he heard Fang Jiayins voice. He glanced at her tiles and nodded his head.

At this exact moment, someone opened and pushed the door.

Im only here to learn from you guys, the next time Ill

The two people outside the door stopped talking when they saw the people inside the room.

Xuxu spotted Yan Rusheng and Fang Jiayin together and her expression froze. Complex feelings rose and surged inside of her.

Everybody seemed to turn rigid and forgot to react as they didnt expect her to turn up so abruptly.

After struggling to conceal her feelings, Xuxu feigned nonchalance and smiled.

Then she turned to look at Jiang Zhuoheng who was beside her and teased, Look, they already have four players and yet you say that they were waiting for you. Youve thought too highly of yourself.

Actually, she was the one who had thought too highly of herself.

Her eyes were glistening slightly with tears as she struggled to put on a brave front. Jiang Zhuoheng glanced at her with an affectionate smile. Its alright, Im hungry anyway. Ill go look for some food.

He turned around to head downstairs.

He wanted to hold her hand and bring her away from this place. But, he clearly knew that he could not. She wouldnt endure such a burden.

Hence, he left alone. If he didnt see her everything would be fine.

Xuxu gazed at Ah Hengs back as he walked away. That feeling was so familiar.

He had turned around countless times in front of her in the past.

Yan Rusheng snapped to his senses and stood up. He strode towards Xuxu and pointed at the direction which Jiang Zhuoheng had left. Im just a replacement for him.

He had originally planned to explain, but his tone was simply too calm. To Xuxu, it sounded as if he was merely stating a fact.

She smiled lightly. He said he had rushed over the minute he landed. I guess he must be tired, you should play on his behalf.

She really shouldnt expect anything from the words he had thrown out so casually. As soon as he had given her some warmth or gentleness, she would plunge in without hesitation, back to his embrace.

Again and again. She had never learned her lesson.

Yan Rusheng heard her and rage blazed inside of him. If he is tired, then forget about playing.

She had openly showed her concern forthatman in front of him and everybody else.

Ming Ansheng sensed that the atmosphere wasnt right and stood up hastily. He walked towards Xuxu and Yan Rusheng and said, Then lets stop playing. Since we were all planning to just play two rounds.

Then he proceeded to turn around and chided Lu Yinan, I already told you to wait for Ah Heng, but you had to force Third Yan to replace him. Great! Now Ah Heng isnt too happy.

Xuxu didnt know but they knew that Yan Rusheng was afraid that she would misunderstand.

No matter how naive Young Master Lu was, he knew how to play along at this time. He quipped, Dont worry, he isnt that petty.

Xuxu. Fang Jiayin stood up gracefully and strode forward.

Xuxu answered graciously as well, Jiayin.

Fang Jiayin smiled as she said, When I just got here with my uncle, Lu Yinan pulled me along to play with them as they were lacking a player.

Not only Lu Yinan, even Ming Ansheng felt that she was very tactful.

She had explained and clarified subtly that Yan Rusheng had nothing to do with her attending this birthday celebration.

Although Yan Rusheng and Fang Jiayin didnt have much interaction recently, rumors of their relationship were still widespread.