Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 420

Chapter 420 Play A Few Rounds With Them

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Under such circumstances, anyone would have speculated that Fang Jiayin was at this celebration because of Yan Rusheng. And by some coincidence, Yan Rusheng was sitting at the same table together with her.

Lu Yinan felt a pang of remorse as he chided himself in silence. He really shouldnt have forced Yan Rusheng to replace Ah Heng.

Xuxu said, I was playing mahjong upstairs too.

Fang Jiayin and Xuxu was facing each other with Yan Rusheng in the middle, forming the shape of a tripod.

Ming Ansheng was observing their entire interaction and his brain started to come up with a plan He lightened up the mood in the room with a grin and suggested, How about we continue with the game. Xuxu can play with Third Yan sitting behind acting as her coach.

This was a great opportunity for them to mend their relationship.

Yan Rusheng replied coldly, Im not playing.

He proceeded to hold Xuxus hand, seemingly about to leave.

He assumed that Ming Ansheng purposely offered the suggestion of letting Xuxu and Fang Jiayin sit at the same table. So to make it seem as if the scandal and misunderstanding between them werent serious enough.

Ming Ansheng noticed Yan Rusheng and blocked his way. He continued with a grin. Third Yan, youve declared earlier that your wife was unusually smart and she would definitely learn it quickly. I want to witness the results of her labor from her mahjong session earlier on with the rest of the ladies.

Yan Rusheng was certain that he didnt say anything like that.

But, being the intelligent Young Master Yan, of course he understood Ming Anshengs intention. He was slightly uncomfortable but he didnt object to it.

Fang Jiayin heard Ming Ansheng and she stole a quick glance at Yan Rusheng who was holding Xuxus hand. She pressed her lips tightly.

She smiled lightly. You guys go ahead. I should go look for my aunt and uncle. If not they will lecture me for disappearing.

Miss Fang, well be short of one player if you leave. Dont be such a spoilsport. A triumphant-looking Ming Ansheng grinned even though he had said his piece differently.

In his heart, no matter how loving Third Yan and Fang Jiayin were during their university days or how close she was to his group of friends, she was no longer part of them anymore.

Her presence itself was a sharp thorn in Xuxu and Third Yans marriage, one which will only bring them harm.

Fang Jiayin deliberated for a moment. Should I get Young Master Jiang over?

Mm, lets get Ah Heng over then. Ming Ansheng wore a look of fear on his face. That guy is the best among us when it comes to mahjong. Im intimidated by him.

Fang Jiayin was surprised when she heard him. Really? Young Master Jiang doesnt seem like someone who enjoys gambling.

Lu Yinan corrected her promptly, This isnt gambling, its recreation. He doesnt talk much but he is really brainy.

Ming Ansheng and Lu Yinan took turns to praise how intelligent Jiang Zhuoheng was. Young Master Yan couldnt take it any longer and sneered, Hes not as smart as what theyve described.

He admitted that fellow was indeed intelligent, but as compared to him hes still far behind.

Hey Third Yan. You seemed to have forgotten. You are his Ming Ansheng paused on purpose as he lifted an eyebrow with a significant glance at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng glared sharply at him and he lowered his head to whisper to Xuxu. Play a few rounds with them.

Then he proceed to pull Xuxu towards the mahjong table without giving her a chance to protest.

How could he miss this perfect opportunity to ruffle Jiang Zhuoheng.

I havent eaten anything and Im starving. Xuxu rubbed her belly and furrowed her eyebrows. She pouted her mouth, looking pitiful.

She was really famished. She was whining without any intention to Yan Rusheng. But, it softened his heart instantly.

He crookedly glanced at her hand which, was rubbing her flat tummy. It had been a long while since he had looked at her properly and she seemed to have lost weight again.

Argh, this stupid woman had made him worry constantly.