Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 422

Chapter 422 You'll Lose The Game If You Continue Being Distracted

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“Xuxu, I randomly chose some food for you.” Lu Yinan passed her a plate full of food.

Xuxu received the plate and said, “Thank you.”

After Lu Yinan sat down, Ming Ansheng asked, “It has been quite a while since the four of us sat down to play. Same old rules?”

Lu Yinan shrugged. “I don’t mind.”

Jiang Zhuoheng didn’t object as well.

Ming Ansheng looked at Yan Rusheng. Xuxu seemed puzzled. “What old rules?”

She couldn’t believe that these fellows were such hardcore gamblers that they even had their own rules.

She was curious about those rules and how big was at stake.

However, Yan Rusheng remained mum and didn’t object as well.

So no one answered Xuxu’s question about the rules.

But, she was someone who was able to suppress her inquisitiveness so she didn’t press them for an answer. After Ming Ansheng made sure that no one raised any objections, he began to throw the dice.

Xuxu rose and said to Yan Rusheng, “You should play and I’ll eat my food.”

“You play, I’ll feed you,” firmly said Yan Rusheng as he pushed her back to her seat.

Xuxu stared at his aloof-looking face and was shocked beyond words.

He wanted to feed her? In front of all so many people? And these were all their friends who had grown up together with them!

Did she hear wrongly?

When Yan Rusheng saw that Xuxu didn’t respond, he thought that she didn’t want to display their intimacy in front of Jiang Zhuoheng. He frowned unhappily and questioned her solemnly, “Is there a problem?”

Didn’t she just ignore his presence and gazed lovingly into Jiang Zhuoheng’s eyes earlier on?

Then he shall behave intimately with her as though there were no one else in the room.

Xuxu could feel a murderous and dangerous aura emitting from Yan Rusheng, and his deep and sinister-looking eyes terrified her.

She was afraid that he might do something crazy in front of them. She could only nod and agree. “Okay.”

She turned around and started to shuffle her tiles.

Jiang Zhuoheng sat opposite and the speed of the game was really fast. As a new player, she was one or two steps behind their speed.

They had more than a dozen tiles each and everyone took their tiles promptly and smoothly when it was their turn. She was already slow to begin with and wasn’t used to the game, and yet Yan Rusheng slowed her down even more by constantly feeding her with food. She was severely distracted.

Her fair hands fumbled as she tried to arrange her tiles.

“Don’t be anxious, take your time.”

Jiang Zhuoheng could sense that she was nervous and gently reminded her.

“Let me do it.”

Yan Rusheng all of a sudden spoke up as he inched closer to her.

He stretched both of his hands and enveloped Xuxu as he took his time to arrange the tiles.

Instinctively, Xuxu glanced at Jiang Zhuoheng. She felt awkward, upset and sorry.

She knew that Yan Rusheng had done this on purpose, but there was nothing she could do to stop him.

“You’ll lose the game if you continue being distracted.”

Yan Rusheng spoke once more, his voice was cold and deep. It served as a timely warning to her as well.

Xuxu immediately snapped out of her thoughts and concentrated on her tiles instead.

Yan Rusheng speared a piece of beef and fed her.

Although Xuxu felt that he was being too ostentatious, she had no choice but to accept it.

She felt like a puppet as he controlled her every movementfrom how he instructed her to ditch or take a tile to how he fed her with every bite.

Xuxu stared at her tiles and Yan Rusheng didn’t advise her this time round. After pondering about her next step, she threw out a tile.


The second she put down the tile, Jiang Zhuoheng who was sitting opposite of her revealed all his tiles. “Sorry, I’ve won.”