Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Puked

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Jiang Zhuoheng proclaimed happily as he stretched his hand to take the tile that Xuxu had just discarded.

“What! Your luck is ridiculous. This was the last remaining tile!” Lu Yinan stared in disbelief at Jiang Zhuoheng’s. He frowned and looked rather unconvinced.

“Ten tokens each.” Jiang Zhuoheng extended his hands towards Lu Yinan and Ming Ansheng.

From what Yan Rusheng could tell, Jiang Zhuoheng was feeling exceedingly smug and pleased right now.

Of course, his mood wasn’t exactly pretty at that moment, but he controlled his emotions well. A fleeting smile played around his mouth and he seemed unconcerned.

He took the fork, speared another piece of meat and delivered it to Xuxu’s mouth.

Xuxu lowered her head to count ten tokens and stretched her hand to pass it to Jiang Zhuoheng. “Here, ten tokens.”

Throughout the game, they had been playing with tokens so she didn’t know how much money did each token represent. She gave it out rather enthusiastically each time.

The chandeliers on top of them shone and illuminated Xuxu’s fair hands. Her neatly trimmed fingernails on her beautiful and slender fingers sparkled in the light.

Yan Rusheng gazed at her hands and had a sudden whim to grab her hands and envelop them tightly with his.

He noticed Jiang Zhuoheng’s outstretched hand, ready to collect Xuxu’s tokens and he couldn’t take it any longer. He hastily stretched his hand to collect the tokens from Xuxu, and slammed it down in front of Jiang Zhuoheng.

The atmosphere in the room turned freezing cold in a split second.

Xuxu’s hand hovered in mid-air for a while before she retracted awkwardly.

“You guys carry on. I need to go to the comfort room.”

She simply couldn’t stay in the room any longer.

She stood up quickly and went around the table, past Yan Rusheng. She grabbed the hems of her dress, strode quickly to the door, and disappeared out of sight in no time.

She went out of the room and searched for the comfort room.

Two fashionably-dressed ladies in the bathroom were chatting near the basin. They greeted Xuxu politely when they noticed her walking in. “Mrs. Yan.”

Xuxu held the hem of her dress with one hand and the other clutching her chest. She stole a glance at them but remained silent. Without stopping, she walked towards the cubicle.

Yan Rusheng kept stuffing her with food earlier and she had gobbled the food down in a rush. The food seemed to be stuck around her chest area and she felt very uncomfortable. She was afraid of puking the instant she opened her mouth.

The minute she went inside, she slammed the door and starting puking and flushing the toilet simultaneously.

The loud flushing sounds covered the sounds of her puking so no one knew that she was feeling unwell.

“Look. So the rumors are right. She had simply ignored us with that aloof attitude even when we tried to greet her.”

Tch. How could she be so arrogant? She is just Third Madam Yan in title.”

“How could it be? Didn’t you see how loving she was with the Third Young Master tonight?”

“Everything is just for show. I heard that they sleep separately at home and Third Young Master doesn’t even touch her. She is like a living widow.”

The two wealthy madams who had greeted Wen Xuxu earlier on took it to heart that Xuxu had ignored them.

They looked at the closed door and criticized Xuxu viciously.

From a dark corner, a pair of malicious-looking eyes which resembled a bottomless abyss was glaring intensely at them with a glacial expression.

Xuxu puked out all the food she had eaten earlier on and her head was spinning. She had to hold the wall for support to get out of the comfort room as she wobbled in her heels.

She went to the basin and turned on the tap. The water was warm and she gargled her mouth.

Then she straightened her back and pulled some tissues to clean her hand. She rested against the basin and took a deep breath.