Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 424

Chapter 424 The Song Has Ended

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In the hall, a waltz tune sounded. She could visualize how the hall would look like with all the couples happily dancing to the tune. But then again, all she wanted to do was to stay out of it.

She lifted her head and gazed at the towering figure heading towards her. She bent her head and a bitter smile appeared on her face.

It seemed too much to hope to just stay at this spot for a moment longer.

Yan Rusheng had a cigarette in his hand as he strode towards Xuxu. He noticed that she looked rather peaky and he frowned. “Are you feeling unwell?”

“I’m fine,” Xuxu replied softly and shook her head. She threw her tissues into the trash can and straightened her back. “Let’s go.”

She thought to herself,‘Just endure it for a while more, the celebration will be over soon.’

“Let’s go get some warm water.” Yan Rusheng flicked his cigarette away and held Xuxu’s hand as they left for the main hall.

He walked leisurely, and for Xuxu, the gesture was thoughtful enough.

Several couples were huddled closely together in the main hall, dancing away to the beautiful tune. There were married couples, lovers, and others merely dance partners.

Yan Rusheng instructed a waiter to get a glass of warm water.

Xuxu took a few sips of the water and her face regained some color after resting for a while.

“Follow me.”

Suddenly, Yan Rusheng took the glass away from her hand and conveniently placed it on the table behind them.

Wen Xuxu didn’t have time to react when Yan Rusheng grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards the middle of the hall.

Of course, she knew that he wanted to dance with her.

“My heels.” Wen Xuxu peered down to look at the heels she was wearing. She wasn’t confident as she couldn’t even walk properly in those heels. It would be harder to keep herself steady if they were to dance.

Yan Rusheng ignored her protests and wrapped his long arm around her slender waist. He didn’t care about the traditional waltz posture at all.

They quickly stepped into the dance smoothly and became the center of everyone’s attraction.

Yan Rusheng embraced Xuxu tightly and kept their bodies close together. Several times, he lifted her off from the ground and made a complete turn as he swung her around.

Xuxu was very anxious and her hand gripped tightly onto Yan Rusheng’s arm for fear of falling.

Her waist-length hair flowed and swayed along as they danced.

She raised her face and glanced at Yan Rusheng. He was gazing into her eyes and tenderness was billowing in his deep black eyestenderness that swept past her heart gently and brought about ripples in her heart.

This was the first time they had danced together. And such an intimate dance to boot.

She had no idea that he could dance so well, and even the expression in his eyes was so precise.

Gradually, Xuxu began to forget about her fear and trusted Yan Rusheng not to let her fall.

After the song ended, everyone else stopped.

But Yan Rusheng didn’t seem to have the idea of letting go of Xuxu yet.

All pairs of eyes were staring at them and Xuxu began to feel embarrassed. She whispered to remind Yan Rusheng, “The song has ended.”

She was blushing scarlet.

Yan Rusheng stopped abruptly and released his hands from Xuxu’s waist.

But in the next moment, he swiftly cupped Xuxu’s face with both hands and pressed his lips against hers.

In front of so many strangers, friends, and acquaintances

Xuxu’s eyes widened in surprise and her eyes darted around in shock. She wanted to push him away, but she didn’t dare to be too obvious about it.

However, Yan Rusheng had no intention of letting her go. One of his hands pulled her towards him and steadied her body.

He smirked coldly as he stared a distance away.