Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Forgotten All About Him

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Xuxu followed the direction of Yan Rusheng’s eyes and she caught a glimpse of a lonely-looking figure as he turned to depart.

Her eyes slowly turned red and glinted with tears. She retracted her gaze to glare at the man standing in front of her. She was embarrassed yet livid.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes shone coldly, and he finally moved his face away from Xuxu. His hand which was hugging Xuxu’s waist earlier on moved upwards to her shoulders.

He turned around and surveyed each and everyone who was present. He emitted an aura of arrogance and dominance.

His low and deep voice resonated loudly in the spacious hall. “Let me formally introduce my wife once again. Those who weren’t sure, please look at her carefully and bear this in mind.”

He paused and shifted his glance towards the two ladies standing together. His eyes displayed a murderous beam. “Those who love to gossip unnecessarily behind others’ backs, beware. Someday, you might not be able to keep your tongue.”

The two culprits shivered violently and looked down guilty. They didn’t dare meet Yan Rusheng’s eyes.

Other than the two of them and Yan Rusheng, no one else knew what happened.

Xuxu glanced at the two ladies in confusion. Even a fool could tell that Yan Rusheng had said this to warn everyone present, and specifically directed at the two ladies.

But why?

She sized up the two ladies and recalled that she had bumped into them earlier on at the bathroom.

Needless to say, they must have gossiped about her and Yan Rusheng, and he had caught them red-handed.

Yan Rusheng averted his gaze and moved towards the main VIP table. Seated there were Old Master Lu and another elderly man Ming Zhongsheng.

The corners of his mouth curled with a callous and cold smile. “I do not wish to read anything about my wife on the newspapers tomorrow.”

He paused deliberately and enunciated every word clearly to serve as a warning. “Bear the consequences yourself.”

At his proclamation, everyone turned their heads towards Ming Zhongsheng with a bewildered expression.

The Mings and Yans were family friends for generations. Even though the attempt to link their families by marriage had failed and it had caused some unhappiness. But wasn’t that matter already settled?

What was Third Young Master up to?

Ming Zhongsheng’s wrinkled face turned red and he wanted to yell at him. But he took into consideration the venue and occasion and was afraid that he might not be able to extricate himself out of this embarrassing situation later.

He suppressed his burgeoning rage and remained silent, allowing others to make wild guesses.

“Ansheng, what’s this all about?”

Lu Yinan whispered in Ming Ansheng’s ear and asked him.

Ming Ansheng turned solemn and downcast as he glared at Ming Zhongsheng, his old and wrinkled grandfather whom he had doted on and loathed at the same time.

He had already warned him before. Will the old man only stop after he had destroyed his friendship with the Third Yan?

Not only Lu Yinan, but even Xuxu also couldn’t understand why Yan Rusheng was glaring at Ming Zhongsheng when he made that warning. She lifted her head and glanced askew at Yan Rusheng, looking perplexed.

He can be quite condescending at times, but he doesn’t usually embarrass people in public. Especially when this person was Ming Ansheng’s grandfather.

‘I do not wish to read anything about my wife in the newspapers tomorrow’

“Newspapers? News?”

A sudden thought hit Xuxu and she was enlightened instantly. She opened her mouth in shock.

Her scandal with Charles That culprit behind the attacks on Yan Rusheng and even Flourish & Prosper. Could it be Ming Ansheng’s grandfather?!

She couldn’t think of any other possibility.

Now that she had mulled over the matter, Ming Ansheng’s grandfather was indeed suspicious and most likely had an ulterior motive.

She had been constantly guessing who was the culprit behind the attacks on Flourish & Prosper’s image, and the one who had so viciously tried to tear her marriage with Yan Rusheng apart. She had even thought that the culprit might be Fang Jiayin.

She had forgotten all about himMing Ansheng’s grandfather.