Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 426

Chapter 426 He Is Truly Flawless And Exceptional

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Ming Zhongsheng had looked for Xuxu personally and even forsaked his pride just to beg her to let Wen Xinyi off and to not pursue the matter. But she had rejected him straightaway.

He had already disliked Yan Rusheng due to the failed linked marriage between their two families.

Xuxu quietly analyzed all these facts in her heart as she stared blankly at Ming Zhongsheng. The old man sat there with an ugly and sullen expression on his face.

Then she stole a glance at Ming Ansheng and he was looking towards their direction, looking at Yan Rusheng. Even though his expression wasn’t that obvious, it wasn’t hard to guess.

He looked helpless and seemed to be trapped between his grandfather and his friend.

Xuxu bent her head and she didn’t want to consider anyone’s feelings right now. She wasn’t that magnanimous to begin with.

No one could possibly understand what she had gone through these few days. Furthermore, Charles was an innocent party and he had been dragged into the matter.

“Whatever I’ve said tonight, I’ll make sure to stand by it.”

Yan Rusheng concluded in his usual cold and deep voice.

The whole hall was hushed and the chilly atmosphere seemed to freeze everyone’s breath.

With the exception of Xuxu who was feeling warm all over especially her heart. Unconsciously, her body inched closer to Yan Rusheng’s chest as she leaned against him.

It wasn’t him who had suggested that she should make an apology at the press conference. He was kept in the dark all along.

After saying his piece, Yan Rusheng embraced Xuxu with his arms and nodded at Old Master Lu politely. “Sorry, Grandfather Lu. I’ve used up your time at your birthday celebration. I would like to apologize to you once more.”

His tone softened and the mood lightened up considerably.

Suddenly, a crisp and clear voice sounded from the second floor. “Third Brother Yan, a verbal apology wouldn’t suffice.”

Yan Rusheng glanced at her with a faint smile. “Then what does Miss Lu propose?”

Lu Yishan wore a white evening gown and she walked down the steps with a hand holding the hems of the gown.

She looked at Yan Rusheng as she spoke, “I heard that you can play the piano really well.”

Yan Rusheng immediately understood her and nodded promptly. “Alright, I shall play a song for Grandfather Lu to express my apology.”

He held Xuxu’s hand and they walked towards the piano.

The pianist hurriedly stood up and gave them his seat.

Everyone was looking at them in anticipation they reached the piano. Yan Rusheng bent his head and whispered in Xuxu’s ear.

Xuxu bit her lips and nodded lightly.

She bent her body to sit down, leaving a bigger space for him.

Yan Rusheng bent his back as well and sat down beside her.

Both of them placed their hands on the piano and gazed at each other simultaneously.

A familiar happy tune sounded in the hall and it lightened up the mood instantly.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you”

With them playing the tune, everyone else clapped along to the rhythm. Even Old Mr. and Mrs. Lu, who were sitting at the VIP table, couldn’t help but join in and sang along.

The couple sitting at the piano seemed to have rehearsed this performance beforehand. They complemented each other perfectly and were perfectly in sync.

This rapport they shared gave them a pleasant surprise as well.

Two pairs of hands on the piano; the bigger pair of hands had clearly-defined knuckles, while the smaller pair was soft and supple. Even their hands seemed so compatible.

Who else would dare say that they weren’t loving at all? Not compatible?

“I’m afraid that it’s impossible to find a second man like Third Young Master in this entire world.”

“I second that. He is truly flawless and exceptional.”

“That’s true love indeed for this pair of childhood sweethearts.”

Fang Jiayin watched Xuxu and Yan Rusheng and heard the compliments from people around her. The wine she was drinking seemed exceedingly bitter.