Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Lovey Dovey

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Yan Rusheng’s tone was calm and nonchalant, as though he had simply asked a casual question.

Fang Jiayin took a deep breath and inhaled deeply. She said, “I knew I shouldn’t have come back. I’ve caused trouble for you and Xuxu the minute I did.”

Her voice sounded like she had just cried.

“I didn’t mean it that way.” Yan Rusheng explained then he paused before continuing, “Liu Changjun isn’t a good person.”

She lifted her head and her eyes sparkled for a moment. She was startled to hear that from him and she nodded her head lightly. “Yes, I’m aware.”

She lowered her head once more and her hair fell and tumbled across her shoulder, covering the sides of her face.

She was wearing a thin outerwear over her dress and she seemed cold.

Yan Rusheng saw her in that state but he remained silent. He threw the cigarette on the ground and stubbed it out with his feet. He stuffed his hands back into his pockets and left her.

The guests began to leave one by one as the celebration ended.

Xuxu wore a sleeveless light fur jacket draped over her shoulders and she stood by the entrance’s pillars. She watched as a black Audi leave the courtyard.

After the Audi vanished out of sight, she retracted her gaze. She bent her head and let out a heavy sigh.

As she turned around to go back to the mansion, she bumped into a ‘flesh-colored’ wall.

She raised her head and her eyes met another pair of cold-looking ones.

After getting over her shock, she said to him, “Let’s go home.”

“Wait for me here.” Yan Rusheng instructed her and turned to go back to the mansion.

After informing the Lu family that they would be leaving, he came out of the mansion to see Xuxu still standing there with her arms crossed. She was shivering badly and she tried to hug herself tightly.

He was quite furious when he saw her. “Can’t you get inside if you’re cold?”

Xuxu stared back at him innocently, “You were the one who asked me to wait here.”

He saw her freezing in the cold and she seemed so docile that he didn’t have the heart to berate her anymore.

He gnashed his teeth with frustration and anger. “I’ve also forbade you not to talk to Jiang Zhuoheng, but didn’t you still exchange lovey-dovey looks with him?”

As he berated her, he removed his blazer and put it over her shoulders.

Xuxu immediately covered herself tightly with the blazer to feel the residues of his warmth.

A moment ago she was still shivering from the cold. But the next instant, she felt warm all over.

She lifted her head and seemed to regain her strength to reason with him. “We’ve grown up together. Do you expect me to treat him like a stranger?”

“Wen Xuxu, those lovey-dovey eyes was what I meant.” Yan Rusheng could barely suppress his anger anymore.

This stupid woman had merely disappeared from his sight for a short while. And when she returned, she had turned into a sharp-witted woman.

Xuxu snorted with contempt. “Weren’t you having an intimate conversation with Fang Jiayin in the garden by the fake hill just now?”

Yan Rusheng replied promptly with a clear conscience. “That was a coincidence.”

“Oh.” Xuxu bent her head and walked down the steps towards the car.

He trailed after her and and surveyed her from head to toe, feeling bewildered. Why did he have a feeling that she had seemed to change after just a while?

The chauffeur was waiting in the car and he hastily got out when he saw them.

Xuxu got in first but she didn’t shut the door after her this time, instead she moved further in.

Yan Rusheng was pleased and bent his body to get into the car. The car tilted substantially to his side when he sat down.

The heater was switched on in the car and Xuxu removed the blazer and placed it on her thighs.