Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 434

Chapter 434 Overslept

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Xuxu smiled and said, Im alright. Go back to your work.

After Mi Ling left, Xuxu picked up her cup of hot water to warm her chilly hands.

Her tummy was in so much pain that she couldnt concentrate on her work.

After tidying her desk, she stood up and walked towards the door while informing Mi Ling at the same time, Mi Ling, Im going out for a while. Give me a call if theres anything urgent.

At the clinic, Old Master Wen took Xuxus pulse and shook his head. Ive told you umpteen times not to touch cold water, but you wouldnt listen. Now, your body is even colder.

Xuxu quibbled, I didnt touch cold water.

This time around, the pain was indeed worse than before and her body felt even colder.

Before she left the house this morning, she had used cold water to clean the house, wiped the table and washed hers and Yan Rushengs clothes and personal items.

With all of these, she couldnt let grandfather know, and she didnt dare too.

Furthermore, grandfather wouldnt believe her words.

The elderly snorted coldly to express his displeasure. Grandfather knows your condition very well. Ill boil some soup to warm and nourish your body. Go home and have a good sleep after drinking.

Xuxu smiled cheekily. Thank you, grandfather.

Grandfather concocted some medication for her. He added in dark brown sugar and ginger and got Qi Lei to boil them for Xuxu to consume.

It was winter. Grandfathers reclining chair was decked with a thick layer of a woolen cushion, giving it a warm and cozy feel. Xuxu lay on it while sipping on the hot bowl of soup; she finished drinking it in no time.

She handed the empty bowl back to her grandfather who was sitting beside her. Ive finished drinking.

Every time you feel unwell, you would come back and look for grandfather. Grandfather took the bowl from her and reprimanded her affectionately, Since that fellow is so good, why didnt you look for him when you are unwell?

Xuxu knew who that fellowgrandfather was referring to. She fawned over her grandfather with a laugh. Grandfather is myintimate cotton jacket.

The old mans face darkened and stretched out his hand to hit her hard on the head. You have no respect for your elder.

Ouch! Grandfather, I know Im wrong. Xuxu retracted her neck and pulled the blanket higher over her.

After drinking the soup which her grandfather had made, her tummy was no longer in pain.

She hadnt been back for a long time and her trip home felt so much warm that she couldnt bear to leave.

As she laid on the reclining chair, drowsiness began to take hold of her.

She had intended to catch a wink before heading back to the office, but by the time she woke up, the sun had set.

Xuxu glanced at the clock and swiftly leaped to her feet. Its almost 6 p.m.

Grandfather heard her yell and stuck his head out from the second floor to look at her. So what if its past 5 p.m.? Why are you so flustered?

I need to go back now. Xuxu reached for her bag as she spoke. Without biding a proper goodbye to Old Master Wen, she dashed out of the door.

She left her car in the office and had taken a taxi to her grandfathers house. Since she didnt have the time to go back and retrieve it, she flagged a taxi instead en route to her home.

Just as she had expected, she was stuck in the rush hour jam for more than an hour and arrived home only after 7 p.m.

The house was brightly lit. Xuxu swiftly changed into her slippers and headed straight for the kitchen.

She walked past the dining room which was empty and quiet. The kitchen was also spick and span, which was exactly the same when she left home this morning.

She found her apron and put it on swiftly. She opened the fridge and rummaged through the ingredients before taking out a few items and threw them into the basin.