Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 436

Chapter 436 Ill Speak To You Instead

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Xuxu lowered her eyes and looked at Yan Rusheng’s pocket where the cell phone was placed. She deliberated for a split second before answering with an ‘Ok’.

She walked over and stretched her hand into his pocket and could feel his body warmth. Her heart skipped a beat.

She felt for the phone, grabbed it and was about to her hand from the pocket.

Yan Rusheng suddenly took a step forward and leaned against the basin. Xuxu’s hand was sandwiched in between.

As the back of her hand was against the basin in an awkward position, she felt some pain. She knitted her eyebrows and stared at the man in annoyance. “Yan Rusheng, what are you trying to do?”

“What?” Yan Rusheng feigned ignorance and looked down. He saw that Xuxu’s hand was sandwiched in between and shot her a look of apology. “It was unintentional.”

Xuxu withdrew her hand from his pocket and glared at him in fury before averting her gaze to the cellphone screen. The call was from an unfamiliar number.

This was Yan Rusheng’s personal number. So who could the unfamiliar caller be?

Xuxu looked at Yan Rusheng with uncertainty and asked, “It’s a private number. Should I answer the call?”

“Answer it.” Yan Rusheng did not raise his head and went on to take the meat from the water and placed it on the chopping board.

He was attentive and patient with what he was doing.

As instructed, Xuxu answered the call. “Hello, I am President Yan’s secretary. May I know who’s on the line?”

Yan Rusheng heard Xuxu’s self-introduction and shot her a‘You are an idiot’look.

“Dumb woman.” Didn’t she know that that was his personal line? And yet she sounded so official!

Was she dying to draw a line to their relationship?

“Xuxu, it’s me, Fang Jiayin.”

A familiar voice of a woman sounded from the other line. The voice was soft and gentle even when she was speaking to her. Xuxu’s eyes momentarily turned gloomy.

She replied nonchalantly, “Wait a moment. I’ll pass the phone to him.”

She stretched out her hand and was about to hand the phone to Yan Rusheng.

Fang Jiayin stopped her at that instant. “You don’t need to pass the phone to him. I’ll speak to you instead.”

Hearing this, Xuxu placed the phone back to her ear and remained silent.

Fang Jiayin said, “I haven’t been feeling well and had been seeing a doctor at Country Y. Yesterday, Zhou Tong accompanied me to Country Y and said that your company was looking for her. Was Ah Sheng unhappy with her?”

So she called because of Zhou Tong.

Xuxu looked at Yan Rusheng, who was cutting the meat carefully and wasn’t at all concerned about who the call was from. Xuxu replied, “I’m not too sure about this.”

She really wasn’t aware that the company was looking for Zhou Tong or whether Yan Rusheng was unhappy with her.

But Fang Jiayin sounded as if she didn’t believe and continued explaining to Xuxu. “Xuxu, I’m really sorry for delaying your work progress. It’s all my fault. She will definitely be back tomorrow.”

“Jiayin, my apologies.” Xuxu said, “I’m no longer in charge of this matter. It’s better you speak to President Yan directly.”

With that, she placed the phone on the chopping board and turned around to leave.

Yan Rusheng didn’t pick up his cell phone immediately but stretched out his hand to Xuxu and stopped her instead. He looked at her apron and said, “Give me your apron.”

After that, he picked up his cell phone and placed it to his ear and answered softly, “Hello.”

Xuxu deliberately tried to move farther from Yan Rusheng as she didn’t want to hear the content of his conversation with Fang Jiayin.

“I got it. Get her to rush back as soon as possible. Wen Xuxu will be unhappy if the work is delayed.”