Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 439

Chapter 439 Improving Their Relationship

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Xuxu stood up as she got ready to leave.

Yan Rusheng pointed at her and gave her a stern warning. “Wen Xuxu, don’t you dare try to leave.”

Xuxu saw his expression and was slightly fearful of his wrath. Despite feeling extremely aggrieved, she didn’t move an inch.

“Finish that bowl of rice and soup before you leave.” Yan Rusheng glanced at Xuxu’s bowl and softened his tone. “In the future, just prepare two dishes and a soup. I’ve already instructed the butler to hire new servants.”

The tensed atmosphere began to warm up as Yan Rusheng didn’t sound so stern anymore.

In reality, Xuxu couldn’t bear to leave after Yan Rusheng prepared all those dishes. She just couldn’t contain her anger at that moment and felt that he always had to keep things from her. It seemed like he was treating her like a fool and she was mad at herself for being outwitted by him all the time.

She picked up her chopsticks again and began to eat.

After dinner, Xuxu began to clear the table.

Yan Rusheng grabbed her wrist suddenly. “Don’t do household chores anymore. I’m not such a harsh and unfeeling person.”

He loosened his grip a little and his hand naturally slid down to grab Xuxu’s hand.

As he had expected, her hand was cold.

His words to Xuxu were as soft and warm as his hand. Xuxu could only stare blankly at him.

After a while, she snapped out of her daze and pulled her hand away from his. She said lightly, “It’s alright since the water is warm.”

She bent her head and continued to clear the dishes.

“Wen Xuxu, you left me no choice.”

His warm breath came dangerously close to her and Xuxu didn’t have time to react before Yan Rusheng hugged her.

He increased his strength and hugged her tightly so that she didn’t have any room to escape.

Yan Rusheng spun her around and pressed her against an empty space on the table. He bent over immediately and kissed her lipsthe pair that had been tempting him all this while.

His kiss was passionate, domineering and persistent.

Xuxu’s hands, which were hovering helplessly in mid-air, began to relax as she coiled them around Yan Rusheng’s waist.

She embraced him and didn’t want to let him go.

Only when Yan Rusheng felt like he was close to suffocation, did he reluctantly move his lips away from Xuxu. Although he didn’t want to part, his actions were decisive as he instantly straightened his back.

Xuxu’s lower body was still lying on the dining table, and her face was crimson as she breathed heavily.

Yan Rusheng looked at her as he lifted an eyebrow. He said coldly, “How could you still insist that you didn’t seduce me?”

Her response to his kiss was irrefutable proof.

Xuxu rolled her eyes, and she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She slowly straightened her back as she intended to ignore him.

“Admit it. You’ve been lonely sleeping by yourself at night.” Yan Rusheng inched forward to her ear and whispered. His warm breath tickled her and sent goosebumps all over her body.

Xuxu’s senses were heightened as a result, and instinctively, she tried to shrink her body and recoil away from him.

Then she furrowed her eyebrows and wore a disdainful expression. She eyed the man who had seemed so nonchalant but was full of licentious and immoral thoughts.

She yelled at him, “Jerk!”

She stomped out of the dining room.

Yan Rusheng lowered his head and peered downwards.

Actually, he was talking about himself. He had missed the feeling of her soft body during the long nights to the extent that he couldn’t fall asleep.

If this goes on, he would go berserk. Perhaps he really needed to reflect and improve their relationship.

Yan Rusheng’s deep eyes stared at the dining room’s entrance with a glint of determination.

The next morning, Xuxu was woken up by the alarm. She washed up, brushed her teeth and changed her clothes.

She went downstairs for breakfast.

She walked into the dining room and got quite a shock. Breakfast was already ready.