Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 440

Chapter 440 Why Did She Start To Harbor Hope And Expectations Once More?

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“Aunt Zhang.”

Xuxu assumed that breakfast was prepared by Aunt Zhang as she strode towards the kitchen.

But Yan Rusheng came out of the kitchen instead.

He was wearing Xuxu’s green apron and holding two cups of milk in his hands. His eyes lazily swept past Xuxu. “Lazy woman, get ready to eat breakfast.”

He placed the cups on the dining table and removed the apron. He sat down and started eating without hesitation.

Xuxu didn’t have time to react. Was she still dreaming so early in the morning?

She was feeling mystified by Yan Rusheng’s actions as she sat down and surveyed his gorgeous face.

Yan Rusheng noticed that she didn’t move and knitted his eyebrows. “You left work early yesterday. Are you planning to be late today?”

Xuxu promptly responded with an‘uh’and started drinking her milk. Her eyes were still fixed on Yan Rusheng.

Why did he abruptly transform into a family man? This was simply too unimaginable.

“You don’t look so good recently. Take my car to the office.”

Yan Rusheng suddenly spoke up once more.

He sounded so casual and nonchalant that one couldn’t tell that they weren’t on speaking terms.

Xuxu couldn’t help but blurt out, “Are you trying to mend our relationship?”

Yan Rusheng abruptly paused his movements and glared at Xuxu. “You think too much.”

“Stupid woman. Why did she have to spell it out when he had been so obvious?”

Xuxu pouted. “Then this should be the last breakfast then.”

Young Master Yan was enraged. He slammed his knife and fork. He lashed out at the tiny woman opposite of him. “Wen Xuxu! I’m going to eat you up if you don’t gobble down the food right now!”

Last breakfast? Did she really want to break off with him?

What a way to start this morning!

Xuxu’s heart pounded violently, and she didn’t dare to make a sound. She began to bolt her breakfast.

Xuxu decided to take Yan Rusheng’s car after a long hiatus. Finally, Flourish & Prosper’s President and his wife came to work together.

Surprisingly that news didn’t hit the headlines.

Yan Rusheng was very upset about it and he felt like calling up those media outlets.

They had reported what they shouldn’t have and even added juicy details to it. And now he wanted them to report the things that they should but they didn’t. He had a sudden whim to exterminate all of them.

He lighted a cigarette and took a few puffs. But he stubbed it out soon as he wasn’t in the mood.

A text notification lighted up the screen and he glanced at it. He grabbed his phone and clicked on the text.‘President Yan, the bidding will be on the 15th. Please get ready.’

Yan Rusheng read the text and didn’t reply. He placed his phone down as he rested against his swivel chair. He rested an elbow on the arm of the chair as he started to mull over the matter. He stretched his hand once again to reach for his phone and dialed a number.

When it got through, he spoke immediately, “Come to my office this evening and help me to prepare a tender document.”

He hung up promptly after instructing the person.

He stood up and went to retrieve his coat. With heavy footsteps, he left his office.

Xuxu went with the colleagues from the PR department to check on the progress of the outdoor filming. It was dark by the time she got home.

When she entered the mansion, she walked straight to the kitchen.

“Missy, you’re back. Hurry and eat your dinner.”

She was disappointed to see only Aunt Zhang in the kitchen.

But waitwhen did she start to harbor hope and expectations once more?

Xuxu retracted her thoughts and smiled at Aunt Zhang. “Alright. I’ll wash my hands first.”

She turned around and ascended the stairs.

She washed her hands and changed into comfortable attire.