Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 444

Chapter 444 Will She Be Able To Tie Him Down?

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Xuxu knelt down and kissed Huanhuan’s chubby cheeks.

She was somehow caught in a trance as she looked into her pair of innocent-looking and sparkling eyes. She snapped out of it a moment later and smiled. “I miss you too. Did you behave yourself or were you naughty?”

“I’m the best-behaved,” Huanhuan said unabashedly and proudly.

Xuxu stretched her hands and pinched her chubby cheeks. “Little lass, then you shall have a candy.”

She stood up and unwrapped the bags of candy that she bought and started distributing them.

She absentmindedly watched the kids happily eat their candy; her eyes seemed to grow deeper the more she got lost in her thoughts.

The kids were still happily chowing down their snacks and had started to compare the flavor and design of their sweets with their friends.

Liveliness and innocence filled the whole place.

Xuxu couldn’t bear to disrupt them, so she left quietly.

She met Matron Huang outside the entrance and said softly, “Matron Huang, I have things to take care of, so I need to leave early.”

“Didn’t you just get here?” Matron Huang said. “Don’t you want to stay a little while more?”

Xuxu shook her head. “Tell them I’ll drop by again soon.”

She turned her head and glanced inside once more.

“Nowadays, it’s rare to see a young person like you who are so patient towards kids.” Matron Huang saw the longing in her eyes. After some careful deliberation, she continued, “You should have a child soon at this age. It will strengthen your marriage.”

She didn’t say more.

Xuxu pressed her lips and responded with an‘uh’firmly.

Would a child help to tie him down along with their marriage?

She bade Matron Huang goodbye and drove off. She switched on her GPS, and she soon found her destination.

The car stopped outside a farm with a courtyard that seemed like it was newly built. A tall wall surrounded the spacious courtyard, and in the middle of the yard was a stood a two-story building.

The courtyard seemed empty and cold as though it was vacant.

The gates were locked, leaving Xuxu to scrutinize the place from the outside.

“Are you Miss Wen?”

A voice belonging to a middle-aged man sounded behind. She turned around and saw a man wearing a dark blue jacket smiling at her.

She smiled politely. “Yes, I am.”

“Hello. I’m the owner of this house. My name is Zhao Hu.” He extended his hand for a handshake at his introduction.

Xuxu shook his hand and said, “Hi, Mr. Zhao.”

“Let me open the door and bring you in for a tour.” After exchanging greetings, he took out the keys and opened the courtyard gate.

Xuxu stepped into the courtyard and walked around the house which stood in the center. The courtyard was more spacious than it looked like from the outside.

After the tour around the courtyard, Mr. Zhao opened the door of the house.

Xuxu took a tour of the entire house including the second floor.

The house was empty, with just a sofa in the living room and an old TV.

After the short tour ended, Zhao Hu surveyed her expression and asked, “How was it, Miss Wen?”

Xuxu remained nonchalant without expressing any emotions.

“I will contact you once I’ve considered.”

Zhao Hu nodded. “Alright. I’ll wait for your confirmation.”

Deep down, Xuxu liked the house very much. It was designed spaciously enough, an ideal place for an orphanage.