Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 446

Chapter 446 Cant Find Another Way To Vent Her Anger

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Xuxu froze and her phone almost slipped out of her hands. She wasnt able to respond for a long time.

The person on the other line couldnt hear her properly, and asked gently, Is this Xuxu? Uncle had just finished his operation and his condition is stable. Ah Sheng just sent his mom back home to rest, and he forgot to bring his phone along.

Alright, I got it, Xuxu replied coldly and was about to hang up.

She was trying to remain calm and composed, but her free hand was clenched tightly on her clothes.

At the very least, she needed the person on the other line to think so.

Xuxu, I was in S city and heard that Ah Shengs dad is going for an operation. Thats why I came over to visit him.

That familiar female voice earnestly tried to explain to Xuxu.

Xuxu replied softly, You dont need to explain. I understand.

She promptly ended the call.

She placed the phone down on the coffee table.

Xuxu rested her elbows on her thighs. She used both hands to cover her face as she tried to calm herself down.

Why was it so hard for her to take a step and fight for the person that she wanted?

Aunt Zhang walked towards Xuxu and noticed that something was wrong with her. She said softly, Missy, are you feeling unwell? Why did you wake up so early?

Xuxu took a deep breath and removed her hands away from her faceher eyes were bloodshot.

Im fine. She tilted her head down and shook lightly.

She stood up and slowly walked towards the stairs.

Fang Jiayin had informed her that her father-in-laws condition had stabilized, so there wasnt a need for her to be worried. Besides, a pile of work waiting for her.

Although she may not be the person who will stand next to him in the future to reap the fruits of their labor, she still needed to help him protect Flourish & Prosper, right?

That was the original intention for their marriage, and it was her responsibility.

Xuxu was exhausted after an entire day of work. She stood by the French windows in Yan Rushengs office as she gazed outside. A gray mist seemed to have enveloped the surroundings.

Unconsciously, she had already finished a cup of coffee. She stared at her empty cup and turned around to walk towards the desk. As she sat, her tiny body nestled comfortably on his swivel chair.

She then busied herself with work once more.

It was to keep herself from letting her imagination run wild. Because the more she thought about it, the more pathetic and pitiful she thought of herself.

Time flies when one was occupied with work.

When Xuxu raised her head again, it was already past 10 p.m.

It was already morning in Country Y. Xuxu considered for a moment before dialing Mu Lis number.

After it got through, Mu Lis voice sounded over the line. Xuxu, arent you asleep yet?

Xuxu asked, How is Second Uncle?

Mu Li replied, The doctor said that he had stabilized. There is no need for you to worry.

Xuxu softly saidohand pressed her lips as she was lost for words.

Wen Xuxu, why cant I get through to you despite calling for so many times today?

Suddenly a mans voice sounded, and the tone of his voice made Xuxu upset.

She replied coldly, The reception is bad.

Where have you been the entire day? Why is the reception bad? Yan Rusheng asked, his voice laced with suspicions. Did you block my number?

Xuxu evaded his question. Is there anything else?

Well, she had indeed blocked his number.

She admitted that it was childish but other than doing this, she couldnt find another way to vent her anger.