Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 447

Chapter 447 It Was Beneath Her Dignity

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She really had no other way to deal with Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng didnt press on regarding her phone number being unavailable. I wont be going back these few days. Dont forget to attend the bidding on the 15th.

Xuxu really had the urge to ask him. Didnt Fang Jiayin inform him that she had called earlier this morning?

How could he be so bold and shameless to ask and instruct her instead?

But in the end, she didnt mention or ask anything. She said softly, I got it.

Since Yan Rusheng wasnt at home, Aunt Zhang secretly made breakfast for Xuxu every morning.

Xuxu was drinking a glass of milk while reading the newspapers in the morning. As she read through an article, she mockingly smiled to herself.

Yan Weihong suffered a sudden heart attack and was hospitalized for an operation. Third Young Master flew to Country Y immediately and was reunited with his old flame as they accompanied his father. Meanwhile, his official spouse remained in the capital city to oversee company matters. Majority of the comments online have mocked Third Young Master for being a truly successful man. As he flaunts his relationship with his old flame in public, his wife remains faithful to him at home deeming him victorious. He is an excellent example of a modern man enjoying the joy of having several wives like men in ancient times.

Included in the article was a photo of Fang Jiayin and Yan Rushen waiting outside the operating theater.

She was blatantly ridiculed in the news article.

But it was the truth.

She sent Yan Rusheng a text.I didnt think that the paparazzi overseas were so professional. Congratulations. Youre on the international news. If I decide to venture into the entertainment industry, I will definitely become famous with your help.

Fang Jiayin, no matter how innocent or naive you are, I really cant trust you anymore.

Its not that Xuxu doesnt know how to resort to tricks, its just that she felt that it was beneath her dignity.

After sending the text, she placed the phone down, crushed the newspaper, and then threw it into the trash can.

At a hospital in Country Y.

Yan Rusheng read the text that Xuxu had sent and immediately went online to search for the news article of him.

When he saw the article with Fang Jiayin, he began to read in detail. His gorgeous face fell instantly.

Even a fool could tell that someone was trying to spread rumors again.

He immediately called Fang Jiayin, and he coldly spoke when she picked up. Lets meet and have a talk.

Ah Sheng, Im already back in the capital city, Fang Jiayin apologized and continued, I saw the news as well, its all my fault. I will handle this.

Her soft voice sounded humble.

A streak of suspicion flashed past Yan Rushengs eyes. What are you trying to do?

Ah Sheng, Im sorry. Ill explain to you some other time.

Fang Jiayin hastily ended the call.

The call was disconnected, Yan Rusheng frowned upon this. He suspected that something was amiss.

He felt that Fang Jiayin sounded fearful over the phone, and it seemed like someone else was beside her.

He had no time to decipher Fang Jiayins thoughts, and the most crucial thing right now was to explain and clarify to Wen Xuxu. Her text was full of scorn.

It seemed like she was really provoked and furious this time. And for the first time, after reading such an article, she had a huge reaction.

Deep down, Yan Rusheng was overjoyed. He decided to call Wen Xuxu again.

But her line was still unavailable, and he reached her mailbox instead.

He was quite certain that Wen Xuxu had blocked his number, and he turned annoyed in an instant.

This dumb woman.How dare she blocked his number.

He glanced at the time, and she should be at home at this hour.

Yan Rusheng pondered for a moment before calling back home. Aunt Zhang picked up and informed him that Xuxu had just left.