Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 448

Chapter 448 Stop Texting Me

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He wasn’t sure if she had indeed really left the house. Even if she was in cahoots with Aunt Zhang, there was nothing he could do about it right now.

The moment Wen Xuxu reached the office’s entrance, a strong and aromatic fragrance of roses assailed her nostrils.

She scanned her surroundings to look for the location of the roses. “Who is so blissful to receive roses early in the morning?”

Wang Xiaoya, who was always on top of things in the office, quipped, “Other than Sister Xuxu, who else could it be?”

Xuxu was surprised. “Me?”

“99 passionate and fiery red roses early in the morning. We are all going crazy with envy.”

Wang Xiaoya continued with a pair of misty eyes and walked over to Xuxu’s desk. She was holding a huge bouquet of red roses, and she lifted them up dramatically. “Dang, dang, dang”

Xuxu widened her mouth, apparently dumbfounded. She strode quickly to her and swiftly sized up the roses. Puzzled, she asked, “Who sent this?”

“It’s addressed to you, and you didn’t know? So how would I know?”

“I think it must be President Yan.”

“It has to be! Other than President Yan, who would dare send our lady boss red roses?”

Everyone began to chime in, and they were absolutely sure that it was Yan Rusheng who had sent the roses.

Xuxu always thought that they were right; otherwise, who else besides Yan Rusheng would dare to send her flowers?

But at the same time, she could hardly believe that the bouquet was from Yan Rusheng. He had never sent a woman roses before, not even Fang Jiayin.

She didn’t know that when he was dating Fang Jiayin years ago, he seemed to have never sent her flowers.

Xuxu paused for a moment before extending her hands to reach for the bouquet of roses from Wang Xiaoya. There were 99 roses, and it was quite a handful to hold them.

She placed her bag down and put the bouquet on her lap to look at it properly. There wasn’t any card or message attached.

She became curious and looked around to face her colleagues. “Who received the flowers? What did the courier say?”

“The courier said that the roses were bought by a man online and he said to send it to Wen Xuxu of Flourish & Prosper’s Office of the President. The identity of the man is anonymous.”

Seemed like the mysterious guy didn’t want her to know who he was.

Hmph. Since he wanted to remain anonymous, then she shall remain cool about this matter.

Xuxu bent down to look for a place to place the bouquet. She stood up with her cup and went to the pantry to get some warm water.

When she got back to her seat, her cell phone’s screen was lit up. She glanced at it, and there was a text from an unknown number.

‘Stupid woman, have you received the roses? Still angry?’

Based on the words ‘stupid woman’ alone, Xuxu had already guessed who the mysterious man was.

There wasn’t anyone else who addressed her as ‘stupid woman’ except for Yan Rusheng. Indeed, it was this fellow.

Unconsciously, the corners of her mouth curled slightly up, and she reached for her phone. She replied,‘Who are you?’

She decided to feign ignorance about his identity.

‘Seems like you are getting bolder now. How dare you block my number and still ask who I am?’

Xuxu chuckled as she held her phone and typed swiftly. ‘If you don’t reveal your identity, then stop texting me.’

He replied almost instantaneously.‘It was a coincidence meeting Fang Jiayin at the hospital as she was there for a checkup too.’

Was he trying to clarify? Xuxu pretended to be unruffled by the article although deep down, she wanted to hear his explanation. She typed,‘You don’t have to explain to me. It has nothing to do with me.’

Yan Rusheng texted,‘Pretentious stupid woman.’

And he followed up with another text.‘If you really want to enter the entertainment industry, I’ll make sure you are on the news every day.’