Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Third Master Sending Roses For The First Time

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Xuxu retorted,‘You’re used by too many people. I don’t want you!’

Yan Rusheng replied,‘How dare you despise me!’

Xuxu was trying to imagine Young Master Yan’s expression right now. He must be seething with anger.

She was delighted as she continued to visualize his expression.

Her phone suddenly rang. Xuxu stretched her hand to receive the call. “Hello, it’s Wen Xuxu.”

After she hung up, she saw that Yan Rusheng had sent her several more texts.

The content of the texts was the same.‘Stupid woman, how dare you ignore my texts.’

Xuxu rolled her eyes at the phone. This arrogant fellow! So what if she refused to reply to his texts? Why does she have to reply with urgency when he calls her?

She took her time before replying to his text.‘Fang Jiayin needs you. Shouldn’t you rush over?’

Yan Rusheng typed.‘You’re jealous, I get it. You don’t have to reiterate with every text.’

He sent another text promptly.‘Every time I meet here, it’s really a coincidence. Would you believe me if I explain to you?’

Xuxu replied,‘No.’

Actually, she believed that they had met by coincidence the past few times. But what about exchanging Chen Yuxi for Zhou Tong?

But she was most surprised that he was willing to clarify.

‘What do you want? Why did you do so much for me? Why did you send me roses?’

She really wanted to know, and she hoped that he would say it.

Yan Rusheng answered,‘Because I love you.’

However, when Xuxu saw the words, she surprisingly didn’t feel anything. Her first instincts were to brush it off like she didn’t believe him.

She said,‘Yan Rusheng, can we have a proper talk?’

Yan Rusheng replied,‘After I’m back.’

Xuxu read the last text and didn’t reply anymore.

Xuxu was fully immersed in the scent of the roses the entire day.

It was really hard to carry such a huge bouquet. After work, she still brought it back home.

This was the first time Yan Rusheng had sent her flowers and also the first time that he had sent roses to a woman. Perhaps there wasn’t any special meaning, but to her this significance was paramount.

When she reached home, she requested for a vase from Aunt Zhang and put the roses in her bedroom.

Xuxu finally had a good sleep that night with the aromatic smell of roses.

She caught the scent of roses the next morning when she stepped into the office.

She merely thought that it was the residual smell of the roses from yesterday and ignored it.

“Sister Xuxu, you are making us all green with envy!”

Wang Xiaoya rushed towards her with a mysterious and cheeky smile.

Xuxu frowned and looked at her. “What happened again?”

“Today it’s another 99 passionate and fiery red roses” Wang Xiaoya pointed at Xuxu’s desk.

Xuxu hastened her footsteps towards her desk, and indeed, another huge bouquet was lying on it.

The corners of her mouth twitched involuntarily.

This crazy fellow was addicted to sending her flowers.

The bouquets must be really expensive. But did he really think that it was a good idea to waste money like this?

Xuxu carried the roses and inched her nose forward to smell it. The fragrance filled the entire room, and her face lit up with a blissful smile.

She placed the roses back gingerly on an empty spot on her desk.

She rummaged in her bag for her phone and sent Yan Rusheng a text.‘Congrats, I’ve unblocked your number.’

After sending the text, there wasn’t any response.

Xuxu started to get busy once more and forgot about the text. During lunch, she grabbed her phone and Yan Rusheng had already replied.