Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Within Two Days You Have Already Yielded To Me?

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‘So, you are as superficial as those women. A shallow dumb woman!’

She read the text sent by Yan Rusheng and frowned and queried him disapprovingly,‘In what way am I shallow?’

Yan Rusheng replied her instantly,‘Roses are so common and yet you liked them so much. So you must be an intolerably tasteless person.’

Xuxu was speechless.

She rebutted him,‘Since you know it’s so common, then why did you send them? You are even more tasteless.’

Yan Rusheng replied,‘I’m just trying my luck and to my surprise, within two days, you have already yielded to me.’

Xuxu was speechless again.

Did he mean that she had forgiven him too soon?

What exactly was going on in this fellow’s mind? How she wished that she could rip open his brain to take a peep.

‘Wen Xuxu, it’s pouring over here in Country Y.’ Yan Rusheng texted all of a sudden.

Xuxu merely replied with an‘Oh’. She thought that when Yan Rusheng talked about the weather all of a sudden, he was preparing for what he was going to say after that.

But after waiting for quite some time, he didn’t send over any further text. She grew impatient and asked,‘So?’

Yan Rusheng responded with another text.‘Nothing. I just wanted to tell you that it’s pouring over here.’

There was a long pause

Xuxu nearly spits her saliva onto her laptop screen.

Over the next, few mornings, a bouquet of roses would be waiting for Xuxu in the office.

And her mood got better and better each day.

Although Yan Rusheng had a sharp tongue, she admitted that he always nailed it to the point. Indeed, she couldn’t resist his daily bouquet of roses and caved in.

It was another huge bouquet today. Xuxu had just sat down at her desk when she received a text on her phone. As expected, it was from Yan Rusheng.

‘Dumb woman, I’ve added one more stalk of rose today. Don’t forget to go for the bidding at 1 p.m. today.’

Xuxu was reading intently in the first part of the text and neglected what he said in the second half.

“Added one more stalk today?”

She turned and looked at the bouquet placed next to her feet. It was impossible for her to count and verify all the roses in the bouquet. So she just let it be if that’s what he said.

Xuxu retracted her gaze and looked at the calendar on her desk. It was the 15th of the month.

She pursed her lips and was secretly glad that Yan Rusheng wasn’t in the capital city at the moment.

By the time he returned, everything would have been cast in stone. At the most, he would fly into a rage but wouldn’t possibly kill her.

After mulling over it, Xuxu reached for her cell phone and dialed Zhao Hu’s number.

“Mr. Zhao, let’s meet for lunch at 1 p.m. today and sign the contract.”

She arranged to meet Zhao Hu for lunch at a Chinese restaurant near her office since she was too held up by her work.

All the terms and conditions had been clearly understood and discussed, and the contract was successfully signed.

After lunch, Xuxu came out of the restaurant and headed straight back to the office.

As it was lunchtime, the office lift operation was extremely busy transporting people up and down.

Xuxu stuffed her hands in the pockets of her cardigan and looked down at her feet.


The lift arrived. She lifted her head and saw two familiar faces looking at her.

They were definitely not Flourish & Prosper’s employees.

Xuxu was dumbstruck. The two persons walked out of the lift and smiled at her. “Xuxu.”

“Miss Fang.” There was a distant smile on her face.

She changed the way of addressing her and no longer called her‘Jiayin’.

“I accompanied Zhou Tong to pick up something.” Fang Jiayin pointed to the Zhou Tong, who was next to her.

She wore a faint smile on her face and her voice was soft and gentle as usual. She seemed not to have taken notice that Xuxu had deliberately distanced herself from her.

Xuxu conveyed her meaning more apparently and said, “Miss Fang, please take care. I won’t be seeing you out.”