Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Who Won?

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After that, she raised her feet and was about to enter the lift.

Fang Jiayin stretched out her hand and tugged at her blouse lightly. She whispered, “Xuxu, are you still angry?”

Xuxu turned her head and smiled coldly at Fang Jiayin. “Miss Fang, you are so strange. What’s it got to do with you whether I am angry or not?”

Before this, she felt that she was cultured and fragile, but in reality, she was brave and candid.

Her impression of Jiayin wasn’t exactly pleasant, but neither did she harbor any ill feelings towards her.

But now, she could be wrong. Fang Jiayin seemed to give her a feeling that she’s a white lotus who seemed pure on the surface, but was twisted and dark on the inside.

Fang Jiayin continued to speak softly, “Let me explain. I happened to be in S City and heard that uncle was undergoing an operation. Hence, I went over to visit him.”

“You’ve said before that you have no intention of turning back when you chose to let him go. But I can’t seem to see this,” Xuxu answered sharply. “Instead, what I witnessed was time after time you appeared before Yan Rusheng and me to make your presence felt.”

She could no longer believe that Fang Jiayin had no more feelings towards Yan Rusheng.

She even suspected that there was more to it than meets the eye when she left Yan Rusheng.

Now that she’s back, she wanted a reconciliation with him.

Fang Jiayin hung her head even lower. “I know you are disturbed by my presence.”

She appeared awfully pathetic.

However, Xuxu didn’t feel sorry for her at all. “Since you are aware, then stay away from us.”

Being kind to someone brought disservice to oneself.

Vying wasn’t her style. Other than Yan Rusheng, she couldn’t care less about any other things, and yet people had been taking advantage of this to achieve their goals.

And this didn’t rule out the possibility that Fang Jiayin was one of such people.

If it wasn’t because of the news in Country Y, she would restrain herself and would tolerate it.

Fang Jiayin remained silent despite Xuxu rallying her up against the wall. Zhou Tong, who was observing the entire incident couldn’t stand to watch it any longer. “Miss Wen, Jiayin is gentle and quiet by nature. So please don’t be too overbearing.”

Wen Xuxu shot a glance at her and ridiculed her, “This is Flourish & Prosper. Miss Zhou, who do you think you are?”

She didn’t bother to haggle with her when she deliberately provoked her on the past few occasions. She believed what the media had reported, that she had no status in the Yan family and was a pushover who was easily manipulated by people.

Hence, Zhou Tong didn’t expect Xuxu to rebut her in the presence of the Flourish & Prosper’s employees.

Her face turned red from embarrassment and she couldn’t find her words to refute Wen Xuxu.

After taking one more look at them, Xuxu entered the lift without talking further. She pressed the lift button, and the door closed. She heaved a long sigh of relief.

She mulled over what had happened. Was she too harsh?

She felt like one of those evil women characters depicted in novels, those who threatened and scared off the true love of the male lead behind their backs.

No, she wasn’t one of those.

To prove that she wasn’t one of those evil women characters, Xuxu sent a text to Yan Rusheng the moment she stepped into her office.

‘I ran into your ex-girlfriend at our office lift lobby a moment ago, and I had a showdown with her.’

After the message was sent out, a reply came after a long wait. Yan Rusheng returned a voice message instead.

“So who won?”

His voice sounded lazy and hoarse, and one could tell that he had just woken up.

It suddenly dawned on Xuxu that it was night time in Country Y and she must have woken him up from his slumber.

She pondered briefly and felt somewhat sorry. “Nothing much actually. Go back to sleep.”

Yan Rusheng asked, “How’s the bidding coming along?”