Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 455

Chapter 455 President Yan Is Gracious And Generous

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After a while of silence, Yan Rusheng’s deep voice sounded again, and he was full of expectations.

“I” Xuxu bit her lips and couldn’t quite speak. “I’ll tell you after you’re back.”

“You’re shameless.”

Yan Rusheng suddenly chided her, and Xuxu got annoyed. “How am I shameless?”

Yan Rusheng scoffed at her, “You wanted to force me to go back earlier, but you’re not admitting.”

Xuxu twitched her mouth and without a word, she hung up.

This arrogant fellow, he shall continue being smug all by himself.

“Why did you call my name when you were unconscious that time?”

Xuxu held on to her phone absentmindedly as she repeated Yan Rusheng’s question.

She stared at her feet as she smiled bitterly.

“Ah Sheng, if you only knew how many times I’ve dreamt of me wearing a wedding gown and walking down the aisle with you. Would you have ridiculed and laughed at me?”

Capital City’s airport.

It was dusk, and the sky was tainted red by the setting sun. The airport was bustling and crowded as it was near the festive periods of Christmas and New Year.

Yan Rusheng came out of the terminal and saw Qiao Jian who had come to fetch him. He passed him his bag and asked, “You didn’t tell her about my return right?”

As Qiao Jian shook his head, he solemnly swore, “President, I swear that I didn’t tell lady boss anything at all.”

Yan Rusheng nodded in satisfaction.

He strode towards the car with hurried and excited footsteps.

“President Yan.”

Someone called him suddenly, and he halted his footsteps. He made a side glance.

A bald man was ardently walking towards him. “It’s indeed really you.”

Yan Rusheng looked at him with a slightly cold and haughty look. “Secretary Liu.”

His voice was cold. The expression in his eyes was the same as well.

Secretary Liu was holding a black briefcase, and he was full of smiles as he stood in front of Yan Rusheng. “I just came back from a meeting in another county. You must have just arrived, I presume?”

Yan Rusheng coldly glanced at Secretary Liu, and there was a hint of contempt in his voice. “Secretary Liu is really observant. Nothing can escape your eyes.”

“Oh.” Secretary Liu heard him, and his body trembled slightly. He hastily averted his eyes from Yan Rusheng’s face and didn’t dare to meet his eyes again. “I only heard that you were overseas. I wasn’t too sure.”

“Since you’re busy, I shall not delay you any further,” Yan Rusheng casually said. He then turned around.

Secretary Liu looked at him with a devious and sly gleam in his eyes. Trying to sound puzzled, he asked him, “Some time back, you’ve inquired me regarding the land in Haicheng City. But why didn’t Flourish & Prosper participate in the bidding?”

Yan Rusheng heard him and stopped in his tracks. He stared at him with misgivings. “Secretary Liu, do you mean that Flourish & Prosper didn’t bid for the land?”

Secretary Liu nodded profusely. “You’re right.”

“That’s good.” Yan Rusheng clenched his hands tightly in his pockets. He had a slight smile on his face. “I didn’t feel like acquiring the land anymore. After all, Flourish & Prosper is already at the top of the game and we can’t possibly swallow the entire pie all by ourselves. We should let others have a taste of it as well, right?”

Even if he was at the brink of exploding, he still managed to control his emotions well. There wasn’t a hint of emotion on his face, and Secretary Liu couldn’t detect anything as well. He glanced down with suspicion.

After a brief moment, he smiled and lavished fawning words on him. “President Yan is gracious and generous.”