Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Don't Behave Like A Woman

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Yan Rusheng became even more livid. “You don’t know anything, so how would you know that Flourish & Prosper is taking a risk?! First Uncle’s company is investing in Flourish & Prosper if we acquired that land. What risks amItaking?”

Xuxu widened her eyes in surprise, and for a moment her throat seemed to be choked with something. She couldn’t utter a single sound.

First Uncle was managing a company that belonged to his wife. If Yan Rusheng had sought for First Uncle, it meant that he indirectly sought help from an outsider.

Usually, it was others who begged or tried to pander to him. He could even reject a major collaboration with Country Y without a second thought, and would even wait for the person to apologize to him first.

Now, he had gone to seek help from others just forthatpiece of land.

“You don’t trust me after all.” Yan Rusheng’s cold voice carried a tinge of disappointment.

He spun around after that and continued to ascend the stairs.

“Ah Sheng, it’s not like that.” Xuxu watched his retreating back, and suddenly she came back to her senses. She ran up the stairs in haste. Feeling anxious and at a loss for words, she extended her arms and embraced him from the back without thinking.

Yan Rusheng’s body went rigid. All nerves in his body seemed to have tightened immediately at her touch.

Xuxu breathed deeply and expounded, “I wasn’t aware that you went to First Uncle regarding the land. So I’ve found another location for the orphanage, and it’s even better than the previous location.”

Yan Rusheng turned his head and stared at her. “It’s the fact that you don’t believe in me.”

He moved his hands as he tried to pry off Xuxu’s arms away from his waist.

But to his surprise, her frail and tiny body was much stronger than it seemed. He didn’t manage to pull her hands apart.

“Didn’t you bid for the land to help me solve the problem of relocating Tiny Stars Orphanage? I’ve found a solution.” Xuxu pressed her face to Yan Rusheng’s back and tightened her grip around his waist.

She intended to act shamelessly with him.

She had already planned what she wanted to do.

She couldn’t think of any way to appease him, and so like before, she shall act in the same way as he did.

Yan Rusheng spun his head around. He rolled his eyes at her. “Don’t think too highly of yourself. I’ve merely seen the potential for profit in that piece of land.”

Xuxu smiled. “I don’t believe you. You’re lying.”

If she wasn’t working in Flourish & Prosper, wasn’t working beside him and didn’t know the current situation in Flourish & Prosper, she might have believed that he was interested in that land because of its potential.

“Wen Xuxu, you’re really shameless.” While Xuxu was still talking, Yan Rusheng took this to his advantage to pry her arms apart. He then moved away quickly.

Xuxu went forward but failed to catch him.

She saw how Yan Rusheng had walked away, and she became troubled.

They had gotten along well these few days while exchanging texts. She knew he was still furious at the moment. Even though she had given up on the bidding for the sake of Flourish & Prosper, there was no denying that she had indeed lied to him. It was only right that he was angry with her.

The most pressing matter was to appease him right away.

Yan Rusheng didn’t come out of his room.

Xuxu couldn’t make him open the door, so she went back to her room to text him.

“Don’t behave like a woman and lock yourself in the room when you’re angry.'”

“Yan Rusheng, don’t you want to know why I’ve called your name while I was unconscious? Open the door and I’ll tell you.”

She sent him several texts but Yan Rusheng didn’t reply at all.

Xuxu leaned against the headrest of the bed as she hugged her knees. There wasn’t any notification from her phone at all.

“I can’t wait to hug you when you’re not wearing any clothes”

She suddenly recalled the text that Yan Rusheng had sent her two days ago, and she began to hatch a plan!