Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Get Out

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Her eyes lit up with determination. She grabbed her phone and climbed off the bed. She opened her wardrobe and took out a set of black lingerie that she had bought recently. She went to the bathroom to change into it.

She stood in front of the mirror and put a hand on her waist as she tried to pose seductively. She snapped a few photos.

She carefully examined her sexy photos. Earlier on, she was quite decisive when she took the photos, but now that she was about to send them to Yan Rusheng, she began to hesitate.

After all, she wasn’t such an open-minded person.

Xuxu bit her lips. After an intense struggle with herself, she firmly made up her mind and sent the photo to Yan Rusheng.

She went back to her bed, feeling extremely nervous and jittery after the photos sent.

She had no idea how Yan Rusheng would react after seeing the photo. Would he think that she was shameless or would it result to whatever result she had created in her mind?

But Yan Rusheng continued to be unresponsive.

She felt dejected and finally understood that pestering someone needed both talent and skills.

Sigh.Forget it. His anger would dissolve soon.

Xuxu heavily sighed inwardly. She stretched out her hand to put her phone on top of her bedside drawer. She turned off the lights and pulled the blanket over her.

She was swamped with work the entire day, and after a short while of letting her thoughts run wild, she fell into a deep sleep.

She woke up only when the alarm rang the next morning.

The moment she woke up, she opened the door and dashed out without even brushing her teeth. She went to Yan Rusheng’s room and twisted the doorknob.

Somehow she knew that Yan Rusheng wouldn’t be in his bedroom.

She pushed the door open, and just as she expected, his bed was neat and tidy. The room was clean, but it seemed rather cold as though no one slept in the room last night.

She sighed and closed the door feeling disappointed.

She washed up and went downstairs. Aunt Zhang informed her that Yan Rusheng had left.

It seemed like he was waging a silent war with her

In the whole duration of the morning, she didn’t see Yan Rusheng at all. After sending the photo to him last night, she was too embarrassed to knock on his office door.

She started regretting her out-of-the-blue decision that she had recently made. How could she even think that she’d be able to shamelessly seduce him with a sexy photo?

Xuxu pulled her hair out of frustration. This was the first time that they were separated for almost half a month, and it was the longest period ever.

He had sent her a bouquet of roses several days in a row, in a bid to win her over with his sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Just like what he had said, her defenses against him had crumbled. There were a few nights where she almost bought an air ticket on impulse to fly over to look for him.

She had finally waited till he returned, but she didn’t even manage to have a proper look at him. She wondered if he had lost weight or not.

After lunch, Xuxu sat at her desk with a hand supporting her cheek. She stared in a trance at Yan Rusheng’s office with a gloomy expression.

Suddenly the door swung open. Yan Rusheng’s head popped out from the door and peeked outside towards Qiao Jian’s desk. “Qiao Jian, come in for a minute.”

He called Qiao Jian and went back to his office.

Xuxu summoned all her courage and scrambled inside. “President Yan, do you want a glass of water?”

God knows how hard it was for her to pander to someone.

Especially Yan Rusheng, the man whom she had absolutely refused to admit defeat ever since they were children.

She stood behind Yan Rusheng as her hands gripped her clothes tightly. She was slightly blushing as she bowed her head.

She felt embarrassed because of the sexy photo.

“Get out,” said Yan Rusheng in a cold tone of voice. He was sitting on his luxurious swivel chair, and his face was void of emotions.