Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Easily Impatient

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Xuxu lifted her head. “Yan Rusheng, what should I do in order to appease your anger?”

She didn’t have much experience trying to pacify a person.

Yan Rusheng raised his voice, “I asked you to get out.”

Xuxu observed his expression, and it seemed to imply that he would be throwing stuff if she doesn’t get out immediately.

She considered the possibility and decided to leave.

They remained in that state for the next two days.

There were two more days to Christmas. Xuxu was having a meeting with the team-in-charge and the invited guests for the upcoming event.

They had scheduled the meeting in the afternoon to fit the guest’s schedule.

The company also included the planning of the annual meeting, which was a huge affair, on the agenda as well. Flourish & Prosper would be placing more emphasis on the annual meeting as well.

The preparation work was intensive, and there were many matters to be involved.

Xuxu went straight to the point and highlighted the main matters. She then allowed various departments to delegate jobs among themselves.

Since Xuxu was not the type to beat around the bush, meetings usually conclude in half an hour, while the longest one was an hour.

“You may all be dismissed,” Xuxu informed everyone and began to pack her stuff.

Everyone stood up and left the conference room after packing their stuff.

“Miss Wen.”

Xuxu was on the way out of the room when Zhou Tong, the guest for the event, intercepted her.

She didn’t address her as ‘Third Madam Yan’ like how her manager did. Instead, she addressed her as ‘Miss Wen’.

With an unhurried tone that was filled with contempt.

Xuxu halted her footsteps and spun her head around. Zhou Tong had already walked up to her. Xuxu raised a brow and asked, “Miss Zhou, is there anything else?”

Zhou Tong had her arms crossed as she stood in front of her. She began to flick her hair and smiled as she said, “Nothing much, I’m just wondering what kind of a woman you are.”

Xuxu smiled icily. “Miss Zhou, you seem to have too much free time.”

She turned around and continued on her way.

Much to her surprise, Zhou Tong followed her back to the President’s office.

Xuxu sat down at her desk and stole a glance at Zhou Tong. Other than that, she ignored her presence.

She knew that she wasn’t the one Zhou Tong was looking for.

All the colleagues in the office saw Zhou Tong, and they created quite a commotion. Some were excited, the rest were curious and they started whipping out their cell phones furtively to snap pictures of her.

Qiao Jian noticed Zhou Tong heading towards the office and stood up casually. “Miss Zhou.”

Zhou Tong smiled at Qiao Jian. “Assistant Qiao, I’m looking for President Yan.”

“Okay.” Qiao Jian nodded curtly and turned around to walk to Yan Rusheng’s office and knocked on the door.

“Enter.” Yan Rusheng answered from his office.

Qiao Jian turned the doorknob to enter and came out almost immediately. He stood at the entrance and bowed lightly to Zhou Tong. “Miss Zhou, President Yan invites you inside.”

“Thank you.” Zhou Tong politely thanked Qiao Jian. She puffed her chest out with her chin raised. She walked into Yan Rusheng’s office with a haughty posture.

Once inside, Qiao Jian closed the door after her.

“Nothing much, I’m just wondering what kind of a woman you are”

Xuxu was reminded of the statement that Zhou Tong had made earlier in the conference room. It seemed to have a cryptic meaning.

She had a hunch that during their first encounter, her hostility towards her was because of Fang Jiayin.

She also guessed that the reason why she was here to look for Yan Rusheng was also because of Fang Jiayin.

If she was her old self, she wouldn’t even be bothered to decipher a stranger’s thoughts.

But now, she seemed to have become easily impatient, insecure, and more narrow-minded.