Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 462

Chapter 462 How Much Longer Does This Fellow Intend To Be Angry At Her?

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Zhao Hu expounded, “Recently there were some issues with my company, and I’ve met some cash flow problems. I was urgently selling off one of my houses in the suburbs. That place is quite secluded and currently, there aren’t any plans to develop that area. So no one was interested in buying the land for a long time. Fortunately, Madam Yan appeared and because of her help, my company managed to get out of the crisis. I’m extremely grateful to her.”

“I’ve already found a more suitable place.”

Yan Rusheng recalled Wen Xuxu’s words, and a smile flitted across his face.

After contemplating for a moment, he remained emotionless and only replied with a soft‘uh’.He glanced at the bags on the man’s hands and continued, “I’ll convey your message as she isn’t in the office right now.”

“I’ll have to trouble President Yan then. This is something small to express my gratitude.” Zhao Hu lifted his hands and presented the delicacies to Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng frowned immediately when he caught a whiff of the foul stench again. His face crinkled as he pinched his nose with his fingers.

“Oh god!”This fellow wanted him to hold these smelly bags.

He didn’t want to linger any longer, so he stretched his hand and received the bags. “I got it.”

“Thank you, President Yan. I’m leaving now.” Zhao Hu bowed and turned around to leave.

Yan Rusheng looked down at the bags in his hand after Zhao Hu left the building.

“President Yan, Madam is in the office.”

The receptionist spoke softly to remind him, and Young Master Yan glared at her. “If I say she isn’t around, then she isn’t.”

The young receptionist shrunk back in fear and instantly bowed her head, and said no more.

“President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng exited the elevator and strode into the office with heavy footsteps. Everyone greeted him promptly.

“President Yan.” Qiao Jian was about to photocopy some documents when he saw Yan Rusheng. He glanced at the bags that he was holding. “What are those bags for?”

Yan Rusheng stole a glance at Wen Xuxu and a devious gleam streaked across his eyes.

He looked at Qiao Jian and said with an indifferent expression, “I picked these up outside. Everyone may choose something they like.”

Then he stuffed the bags in his hands.

Qiao Jian hurriedly supported the bags with his hands, and a stench assailed his nostrils. He frowned and knew that Yan Rusheng was lying that he had picked up these.

President Yan would never take something that someone else had thrown away.

Yan Rusheng stuffed his hands back into his pockets after dumping the stuff to Qiao Jian. He walked rather gleefully back to his office.

Xuxu stood up and intercepted him mid-way. “Yan Rusheng.”

Yan Rusheng nodded at her with a smile. “Wen Xuxu, you really have unique foresight and taste.”

She had bought a house no one else had wanted.

When he heard Zhao Hu describing the place as secluded, and furthermore there weren’t any plans to develop that area, he really had an impulse to slap him.

Was he implying that his wife was a fool?

Xuxu gazed at him, feeling puzzled. “What do you mean?”

He had sprung out a comment like that; why did she have unique foresight?

Yan Rusheng ignored and brushed her question aside. “Did you make the arrangements for the event tomorrow?”

Xuxu answered, “I’m going to the venue at 2 p.m. today.”

Yan Rusheng gave a vague nod and without another word, swept past Xuxu.

Xuxu gazed at him feeling frustrated. How much longer does this fellow intend to be angry at her?