Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 463

Chapter 463 She Had Been So Initiative

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She had been so initiative.

The Christmas event was going to be held at a large digital shopping mall. On the day of the event, many key representatives from the electronics products industry will be attending along with the media.

They had been busy with the preparations for this event for almost half a year.

After inspecting the place, Xuxu went to the hotel to check the venue for the annual meeting.

The buildings were near each other, and so she was able to reach the hotel in a few minutes.

She entered the majestic, grand-looking main hall of the five-star hotel, then proceeded to walk towards the direction of the stairs.

The annual meeting venue was going to be held on the second floor, which Flourish & Prosper had already booked.

The door to the meeting room was facing the elevator, and it was left ajar. From that view, one could see the events company was still decorating the hall.

“Line these balloons around the edge of the hall. We will be spreading the red carpet over here and will be placing the baskets of roses on both sides.”

The PR Department in-Charge was giving instructions as Xuxu walked in. Xuxu was startled as she surveyed the entire room. “Manager Wang, what’s going on? Why are there so many balloons?”

She looked at the PR Department Manager as she questioned him.

She had gone through the detailed plans regarding this event, and all these roses and red carpet weren’t part of the initial plans.

Manager Wang replied promptly, “President Yan came this afternoon and instructed us.”

Xuxu couldn’t quite believe what she had heard. “He came in the afternoon?”

“Yes,” Manager Wang promptly answered and proceeded elsewhere to direct the rest of the staff.

“So that fellow had been here the entire morning?”

Xuxu peered at the surroundings; it was filled with streamers and colorful balloons, and it made her confused.

This fellow had neglected the crucial and important work, instead, he came just to interfere with the event’s decorations.

He must be out of his mind! Didn’t he say that this kind of style was cliche and childish?

He had merely gone abroad for less than a month. Why did he become this childish?

The sun was already setting when Xuxu left the hotel. The whole city was bathed in bright city lights as Christmas was approaching. Shiny and twinkling Christmas trees adorned the streets.

Xuxu wrapped her coat tightly around herself as she walked on a bustling street. She was looking for food to warm herself up.

“Third sister-in-law.”

She walked past a western pastry shop when a figure appeared suddenly in front of her and blocked her path.

She looked at the cheerful and bubbly girl. She smiled brightly at her. “Yishan.”

Then she proceeded to scan the clothes that Yishan wore. She noted that she was wearing an apron from the western pastry shop. Xuxu was puzzled and asked her, “What are you doing here?”

Obviously, she knew that Miss Lu wasn’t working at the shop.

Lu Yishan chuckled. “It’s Christmas tomorrow. I’m making chocolate for my boyfriend.”

Xuxu replied, “Couldn’t you buy them at a supermarket?”

Lu Yishan frowned. “How can store-bought chocolates be compared to handmade ones? Chocolates represent overflowing and passionate love. I have to do it myself for it to be meaningful.”

Chocolates represent overflowing and passionate love.

The advertisements only mentioned the delicious taste, it didn’t say anything about love.

Xuxu was pondering over this when Lu Yishan suddenly grabbed her hand. “Third sister-in-law, why don’t you make some yourself and give it to Brother Third Yan? Giving chocolate to a man is the best way for a woman to profess her love.”

As she spoke, she dragged Xuxu towards the shop.

“Really?” Xuxu asked, “Why wasn’t I aware of this?”

“Giving chocolate to a man is the best way for a woman to profess her love”It was the first time she had heard of it.

Lu Yishan continued, “A man sends roses to a woman. A woman gives a man chocolates. Third sister-in-law, you really don’t know romance at all.”