Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 464

Chapter 464 He Had A Hunch That It Was Way Longer Than That

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Xuxu was dragged by Yishan into the pastry shop. The storekeeper was beaming on her feet and came to greet them. “Miss Lu.”

Lu Yishan instructed her, “Give my third sister-in-law an apron. Also, prepare a set of ingredients and the necessary equipment for her.”

Xuxu could barely utter a word.

Although her heart was already stirred by Lu Yishan’s words. She was itching to give it a try.

“Chocolates represent overflowing and passionate love”

“Ah Sheng, will you be able to understand?”

Xuxu was a fast learner, and she could pick up things easily. The storekeeper briefed her about the steps, and she managed to succeed at her first attempt.

She chose an ordinary mold in the shape of a heart.

She was very conscientious during every step of the chocolate-making process.

“Third sister-in-law, are you done? I’m going to put mine in the fridge.”

Lu Yishan peeked over Xuxu’s shoulders and this made Xuxu slightly tremble in shock. She hastily covered the chocolates in the mold and glanced at Lu Yishan. “I’ll be done in a minute!”

“Ha! Seems like you’re being secretive.” Lu Yishan turned her head away. “I’ll choose a box.”

After Lu Yishan was gone. Xuxu placed her chocolate carefully inside the fridge.

She went to the storekeeper and asked, “How long will it take?”

The storekeeper replied, “Five to six hours.”

“That long?” Xuxu frowned and deliberated for a moment. “I’ll drop by tomorrow then.”

At least she wouldn’t need to hide the chocolate at home and furthermore, this shop was near the hotel.

“Third sister-in-law come and choose a box.” Lu Yishan stood at the counter and waved at Xuxu eagerly.

Xuxu strode towards her and scanned the designs of the boxes. Then she smiled at Lu Yishan, “I think I’ll skip choosing one today.”

“Aunt Zhang, where are the scissors?”

Xuxu asked Aunt Zhang who was watching TV.

“I’ll get them for you.” Aunt Zhang rose and went to the kitchen. She found a pair and passed it to Xuxu. “Why do you need the scissors? It’s already late.”

“I need to do something.” Xuxu gave an enigmatic smile and took the scissors from her. Then she ascended the stairs with quickened footsteps.

Yan Rusheng heard movements from the study, and he peeked his head out. He was just in time to see Xuxu closing her bedroom door.

He furrowed his eyebrows and decided to leave his study. He paced to and forth outside Xuxu’s room.

Why did she return to her room immediately after she had come home?

He went back to the study and glanced at his phone. There weren’t any missed calls or unread texts from her.

He gripped his cell phone, feeling frustrated. He had spent so much effort on her, and she didn’t even bother!

“Wen Xuxu, you’re dead!”

The man stood in the center of the living room, in a formal suit. He stuffed his hands in his pockets, and he looked dapper and dashing.

His features were exquisite. He looked elegant and well-groomed.

His head was slightly bowed as Xuxu gazed at him from the second floor. She unconsciously entered a trance.

Suddenly, the man raised his head. His eyes were deep and piercing, and he gazed back at the woman.

She wore a white V-neck dress which ended at her knees. She draped a bright red coat over her gown and paired it with black leggings.

Her long locks tumbled beautifully past her shoulders. She had applied light makeup.

She appeared rather aloof and distant.

However, she suddenly smiled, and it seemed to dazzle Yan Rusheng in that split second. Surprise flashed past his eyes and he was entranced by her.

When exactly did this woman enter his heart?

Months ago? Or a few years?

No, he had a hunch that it was way longer than that.