Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Miss Zhou Are You Alright?

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“Ah Sheng,” Xuxu opened her mouth and called the man standing below.

Then she descended the stairs.

‘Ah Sheng, wait for me.’

‘Ah Sheng, do you think I look nice in this?’

‘Ah Sheng, Ah Sheng, Ah Sheng’

How long had it been since he heard her addressing him in that way? From her child-like voice evolving into a sweet, pure voice. All the way till now

This womanWen Xuxuhad been beside him for more than two decades. Longer than anyone else in his life.

“I’m ready.” Xuxu stood before Yan Rusheng.

He snapped out of his trance and gazed at her. He looked into her clear-looking and sparkling eyes, and he couldn’t help but give her a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Then he put his hand around her waist and led her towards the main doors.

Xuxu’s hands, which were hanging by her side, were clenched into fists. She tightened and loosened her grip hesitantly as her mind wildly raced.

She heard his deep voice above her. “Just do it if you’re thinking of hugging me. I know that you have been longing for my body these few days.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

She had indeed wanted to hug him but when she heard what he had said, the desire instantly vanished without a trace.

Yan Rusheng tightened his grip around her waist as he beamed brightly at her.

Xuxu lifted her head and stared at him. “You’re not going to continue playing games with me?”

Before he answered, Yan Rusheng gazed at the sky. “The weather is good today.”

If he continued playing with her, he was afraid that he might go overboard and produce disastrous results instead.

“Pfft!”Xuxu burst into laughter and punched him forcefully on his chest.

Both of them left the house in high spirits. The butler who stood near the gates peered at the sky, feeling gloomy.

Today’s weather was so dreary and snowflakes were falling everywhere. ”What kind of good weather is this?!”

Yan Rusheng held Wen Xuxu’s hand as they entered the event venue.

Security measures were heightened at the venue, and security guards were stationed everywhere on the ground level of the mall.

“President Yan.”

The minute they entered, someone came forward to greet them.

Xuxu felt that there were still plenty of smart and good-looking young people in the electronics industry.

The event this year was different from the previous years. Those who previously attended were mostly middle-aged men.

Xuxu followed Yan Rusheng around. Flourish & Prosper was the main organizer for this event, and as the host, they would need to entertain their guests.

The event started at 10 a.m. Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu stood on the stage to start the event officially as countless of cameras flashed at them.

Everyone noticed how they had their hands held tightly together.

Next, their VIP guest came on stage.

Zhou Tong wore a royal blue gown which accentuated and flaunted her voluptuous figure.

She went on stage and smiled at Yan Rusheng before turning around. While Xuxu was conversing with another celebrity guest, she took the opportunity to step in between Xuxu and Yan Rusheng, succeeding in separating them.

Yan Rusheng turned around and glanced at her, looking annoyed.

After that fleeting look, he suppressed his anger and continued to smile for the cameras.

Inviting celebrities to such events was to garner more publicity and attention. The task of the guests was to stand on stage and smile for the cameras. Not forgetting, they would need to mingle with the rest of the guests, too.

After the event, Zhou Tong smiled and bowed for the cameras. She proceeded to leave the stage.

Xuxu gazed at Zhou Tong’s back and a streak of coldness flashed past in her eyes. She turned around and strode towards Yan Rusheng. “President Yan.”


Zhou Tong gave a sudden shriek and she fell with a loud crash.

Xuxu spun around and saw the fallen Zhou Tong on the floor. She gaped in shock and bent down immediately. She extended her hand to pull her. “Miss Zhou, are you alright?”