Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 466

Chapter 466 Unintentional

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Everyone, especially the media, was flustered when the famous celebrity tripped.

Cameras flickered on and off with such intensity than ever.

As she laid on the ground, Zhou Tong lifted her head. Her eyes were blinded by constant flashing of lights, and her two hands were clenched into fists in fury.

“Get lost!”

Zhou Tong rejected Xuxu’s help even though the latter haven’t touched her.

Xuxu stumbled backward. Luckily, someone held on to her tightly just in time. “Be careful.”

A pair of strong arms supported her slender waist. She took advantage of it and leaned even more for a short moment. A sly smile flitted across her face.

She then straightened her back and proceeded to help Zhou Tong again. She asked, “Miss Zhou, are you alright?”

“Why did you step on my gown?”

Zhou Tong was utterly embarrassed after she had fallen to the ground in front of everyone. She was livid with anger as she questioned and glared at Xuxu.

“I Did I step on your gown?” Xuxu shook her head, feeling flustered. “I didn’t. I really didn’t!”

She glanced at her surroundings, then at the flashing lights with a pitiful and innocent expression, as though she was trying to seek help from the crowd.

“Miss Zhou, your gown is way too long. Even if Third Madam Yan stepped on it, it must have been unintentional.”


Everyone agreed in chorus towards Wen Xuxu’s claim.

How could they not remember who Wen Xuxu was? Even if they didn’t witness the entire incident, since she was Yan Rusheng’s wife, they would naturally flock to her side to support her.

A fool would only stand on the wrong side and offend Yan Rusheng.

Zhou Tong bit her lip. Her expression hardened. She glanced once more at Yan Rusheng.

Earlier on, she felt someone stepping on her gown which had caused her to fall. Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu were the only ones standing behind her.

Needless to say, she ruled out the possibility of Yan Rusheng stepping on her gown. So who else could it be other than her?

Yan Rusheng remained indifferent as he tilted his chin, not sparing her any glance.

“Then I might have tripped over your gown accidentally,” Xuxu chimed in and apologized sincerely to Zhou Tong. “I’m terribly sorry.”

Zhou Tong glared at her innocent expression. Hatred was evident in her eyes, but she knew that it wasn’t the right time for her to flare up.

She could only accept her fall with grudges.

With enough inward deliberation, she pulled a smile and directed it to Xuxu. She decided to chide herself, “I was too angry when I fell earlier on. I must have wronged Miss Wen so I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

“Miss Zhou, you’re too kind,” Xuxu blamed herself instead. “I wasn’t being careful and caused you to fall before so many reporters and guests.”

If she didn’t mention about the reporters and guests, Zhou Tong would have been able to suppress her anger. Now, she was going mad with anger and hatred that she could hardly carry on with her pretense.

“As long as Miss Wen doesn’t take it to heart.” She forced a weak smile. “I’ll head backstage to change.”

She turned around with her hands holding the hems of her gown. She walked gingerly down the stairs.

“Let me help you.” Xuxu chased after her and grabbed her slender arms. She constantly reminded her to walk carefully and slowly.

As both of them walked away from the crowd, Zhou Tong threw her a long and calculating look. “You did it intentionally, am I right?”

“Yes, I did,” Xuxu admitted it candidly. Her lips icily curled upwards. She inched closer to Zhou Tong’s ears. “You’ve tried so hard to make things difficult for me, so I’m just going to let you know that it’s almost effortless for me to swiftly crush you if I wanted to.”

Every word she said was callous and cold.

Zhou Tong froze and she was shivering with fear deep down inside of her.

She had no idea why was she afraid when Wen Xuxu had merely thrown out some threatening words.